Olivia Rodrigo and Sheryl Crow will share the stage for a joint performance during the Rock Hall Induction

Sheryl Crow, Missy Elliott, Chaka Khan, Willie Nelson, Rage Against the Machine, The Spinners, and the late George Michael were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on a star-studded Friday evening that will be etched into the annals of music history. The thirty-eighth annual ceremony took place at the iconic Barclays Center in Brooklyn, a location that has seen countless legendary performances over the years. This induction marked a celebration of diverse musical talents, a unification of generations, and an assertion of the evolving character of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

The event began with a spellbinding collaboration between two incredibly talented artists: Sheryl Crow and Olivia Rodrigo. Their rendition of Crow’s 1996 hit, “If It Makes You Happy,” set the stage for an unforgettable night. Honoree Chaka Khan, a vocal powerhouse known for her immense influence, joined Widespread on stage, showcasing the harmony of old and new, bridging generations through music. H.E.R., the rising star of R&B, paired up with the enigmatic Sia, demonstrating the ever-expanding boundaries of the music world.

The music journey continued with a heartfelt tribute to the legendary Willie Nelson, whose timeless songs have touched the hearts of many. In a medley of his classics, the 90-year-old Nelson took the stage, surrounded by a constellation of modern stars. Dave Matthews, Chris Stapleton, and Sheryl Crow added their unique flavor to the performance, creating a harmonious blend of musical styles. The surprise appearance of Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin paid homage to inductee Link Wray with a captivating rendition of “Rumble.”


As the night deepened, it was time for Missy Elliott to take the stage. Dressed in a dazzling gold jumpsuit and surrounded by a troop of agile backup dancers, Elliott electrified the audience. Her performance included chart-toppers like “Lose Control” and “Get Ur Freak On,” songs that have left an indelible mark on the music industry. With her induction, Missy Elliott, introduced by the charismatic Queen Latifah, made history as the first female rapper to join the illustrious ranks of the Hall of Fame.

Emotions ran high as Elliott spoke on stage. “This is the fiftieth anniversary of hip-hop, so this moment carries profound significance,” she emphasized. “In the realm of hip-hop, reaching this milestone feels like an arduous journey.”

Elliott also shared a touching anecdote about her mother’s presence at the concert. Her mother had refrained from attending her previous shows due to the explicit language in her songs, making this induction a special moment in their relationship.

The ceremony and the selection of inductees underscored the evolving nature of music, emphasizing the fusion of genres and the broadening of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s scope. Chairman John Sykes, whose vision was instrumental in shaping this transformation, actively promoted inclusivity and diversity within the Hall of Fame. This progressive approach was in stark contrast to derogatory comments made by Jann Wenner, co-founder of Rolling Stone magazine and a former board member of the Rock Hall. Wenner’s controversial statements had suggested that women and Black artists were not “articulate enough” to be featured in his book about rock stars, a stance that was met with widespread criticism.

During the ceremony, Bernie Taupin, the acclaimed lyricist who had partnered with Elton John for decades, received a well-deserved award for musical excellence. Taupin used the opportunity to address the issue of diversity in the music industry, eloquently rebuking Wenner’s past comments. “I’m honored to be part of the class of 2023 alongside such a group of profoundly articulate women and articulate Black artists,” Taupin stated, emphasizing the strength of diversity.

Elton John, the iconic British musician, was in high spirits as he introduced Taupin before performing “Tiny Dancer.” He shared exciting news about their ongoing collaboration and a forthcoming album that he promised would “shock the [expletive] out of you.”

Outkast’s Big Boi, known for his distinctive style, introduced the segment dedicated to Kate Bush, who was unable to attend the ceremony. St. Vincent, a versatile and acclaimed artist, paid tribute to Bush by performing “Running Up That Hill.” In his introduction, Big Boi, a self-proclaimed “biggest Kate Bush fan,” expressed his admiration for Bush’s artistic innovation, even though their musical styles seemed worlds apart. “What I appreciate about Kate’s music is the element of surprise. You never know what sound will come next. She defies categorization and follows her creative instincts, much like me,” he mused.

Willie Nelson, a legendary figure in the world of music, received one of the longest standing ovations of the night after his performance with Chris Stapleton, Dave Matthews, and Sheryl Crow. Nelson, known for his soulful and timeless songs, emphasized the beauty of collaboration and the absence of rigid genre boundaries. “We never asked each other what to do or whether to do a soul song or a rock song or a country song; we just sang the songs we loved,” Nelson said, reflecting on his remarkable journey through music.

The speeches delivered during the induction ceremony resonated not only with the power of music but also with the political and social elements intertwined with the lives and work of the honorees. Dave Matthews, in his introduction of Willie Nelson, highlighted Nelson’s ongoing commitment to Farm Aid, an organization supporting family farms since 1985. Nelson’s efforts against corporate greed and his advocacy for the farming community have left an indelible mark. “Through his words and through his music and through the example he sets, people feel a connection to Willie Nelson. Willie is an example of how the world can be if we could just straighten up and fly right,” Matthews stated.

Tom Morello, the lone representative of Rage Against The Machine in attendance, used his platform to inspire change. He passionately asserted that “the world is changed by ordinary, everyday, ordinary people” and encouraged everyone to take action or at the very least “stir up a lot of trouble.” Morello’s words captured the essence of the music industry’s ability to drive social change and impact the world.

In addition to Bernie Taupin and Chaka Khan, Al Kooper received a well-deserved award for musical excellence, recognizing his significant contributions to the industry. DJ Kool Herc and Link Wray were honored for their immense influence on music, acknowledging their roles as pioneers in shaping the musical landscape.

A poignant moment came when the late Soul Train creator, Don Cornelius, was posthumously named the recipient of the Ahmet Ertegun Award. This award recognizes individuals who, although not musicians themselves, have made a profound impact on the music industry. Cornelius’s pioneering work in creating a platform for Black artists and the broader music community was acknowledged with gratitude and reverence.

Despite their long and illustrious careers, many of the honorees expressed a sense of disbelief at their induction. Sheryl Crow, who had opened the show with a remarkable performance alongside Olivia Rodrigo and was introduced by the celebrated Laura Dern, was visibly moved by the honor. Crow acknowledged that her musical journey had been greatly influenced by Stevie Nicks, an icon in her own right. She explained that she had “discovered her command of words through [Stevie’s] imagery and melodies.” Crow’s humble demeanor and gratitude were evident as she described the honor of being inducted into the Hall of Fame. She humorously likened the experience to receiving an Oscar for a screenplay she had yet to finish writing.

As the night unfolded, the music industry celebrated the enduring impact of these remarkable artists, paying homage to their contributions that have shaped the course of music history. The 2023 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony was a testament to the evolution of music, the power of diversity, and the capacity of music to transcend boundaries and bring generations together.

This extended text encapsulates the essence of the event, providing a detailed account of the ceremony and its significance within the music industry.

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