How To Upload Music To iTunes, Spotify, TikTok (and Collect Royalties)

Music distribution connects a musician’s completed album with his/her fans. Record labels were the only way for musicians to sell their music and gain popularity is a thing of the past. Digital music distribution is a prominent way to sell your songs online, since 2015. 

For an artist, digital distribution is a must to gain exposure and reach their listeners. Smart distribution for gaining visibility and proper marketing to sell your music on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, TikTok, Google Play, Apple Music, etc. Digital music distribution is a smart way of getting your songs in the worldwide market, keeping 100% music rights and control of when, where, and how to distribute to gain popularity. 

MusicDigi is a digital music distributor that can help emerging artists and independent musicians gain access to popular online music stores, streaming services, and social channels. Today, people stream, download, and purchase your music. You get royalties based on where and how your song is listened to. There is no physical product, where the shipping cost of CDs and vinyl boxes was high. Digital music is distributed, which is fast and simple. 

Things to consider while distributing music online

Find an ideal digital distributor

There are myriads of music distribution companies that can help to get your music on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, etc. However, you need to research the yearly fees they charge and what royalties you will receive. There can be hidden costs even if they claim not to make cuts. The pricing can be a yearly fee, a pre-define fee per single/album, or a percentage of record sales. Find the right music distributor that suits your budget, goals, and needs. 

Make music searchable

In digital music, Metadata is crucial for online searches. These are keywords and short descriptions, which make classification easy and find things on the internet. People browse online music, especially with the genre. Metadata includes –

  • Album or single’s title
  • Artist name
  • Release date
  • Genre
  • Track titles
  • Artist’s bio
  • Composer details

Use common words and avoid hashtags!

Have a solid marketing plan!

Digital music aggregator helps to put your music on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and many online music stores and streaming services but don’t expect marketing from them. Stay focused, because the desire to become a celebrity is overwhelming and can make you lose the vision of practical planning. Create a buzz on social media and make yourself visible even before the release of your album. Get your music on TikTok or Facebook….just a sneak peek! Live stream a show from your studio. 

Allow your melodies to reach as many ears as possible. Use shows, radio, word-of-mouth, and every opportunity to get your name in public. Make phone calls, and send emails, but ensure to monitor your public image. 

Digital music distributors have made it easy for artists to sell their albums on Amazon, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, iTunes, etc. but marketing needs solid planning. Social channels will have numerous other musicians working to market their songs, so get creative and show your album professionally. Ensure to show your songs in areas that suit your genre and brand.

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