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Guide to the YouTube Audio Library

Every individual content creator or channel wants their project to have music. So, for that first thing, people search is for free music. Now YouTube offers Royalty-free music for videos. It is the best source for free music to add to your next video. However, royalty-free membership doesn’t necessarily mean that they are completely free to use. You have to make a one-time payment by acquiring the license of the track and using it whenever you want. So, through this article, we intend to discuss more and guide you to YouTube audio library.

Knowing Your Rights

Monetizing video comes with the cost of not being able to utilize a song that has its copyright by some other party. The Content ID system of YouTube holds the optimum authority to block or pound in a copyright advertisement in the video, which has utilized the copyrighted music without proper permission. It is because a single copyrighted song has is the source of monetary funds for many parties who are associated with it.

You can straightway visit any song’s database, and you will find several composers, writers, publishers, and more who tend to handle a piece of single music.

So, if you want to use these music and audio tracks and want to avoid YouTube from banning or slamming an advertisement because of using it illegally, then safe and royalty-free YouTube audio is the counter answer.  The audio library of YouTube shortens the whole procedure and can help you acquire copyright-free audio.

Making Use of the YouTube Audio Library

There are many users who do not still have any idea of where the YouTube Audio Library would exist and wherefrom they can access the free YouTube audio. For beginners, the YouTube Audio Library is present in the section of “Creator Studio” of their respective YouTube account.

Now, in this section, YouTube provides you audio that has no copyright and can be easily reused. It wouldn’t cost any penny; however, there are some sound effects and licensed music that surely need a bit more process.

Utilizing the audio is simple; you can merely play the free songs and directly add them to your YouTube video. Or else you can download them for using them in other videos.  There is also a favorite button in the form of a star, which separates your favorite music into a different section.

Browsing through the Music Library of YouTube

So, for those who are finding it difficult to find music in the vast array of songs in YouTube’s library, and YouTube got a solution to that as well. What is meant here is that YouTube has two separate categories in their library, i.e., “Sound effects” and “Free music.”

There are 5 different filters, which one can use. You use 5 of them according to your needs to get the most closely similar search results. So, if you are on the search for a soundtrack that is 40 seconds long, and is gloomy and combines synths, and doesn’t comprise any attribution from third parties, the filters are the right thing to use.

So, the 5 types of filters are listed below:

  • Genre

It is the most advanced level customization or filter in YouTube’s library. For religious videos, you can incorporate a genre that has slow songs; for tutorial videos, you can utilize the genre that has electronic and dance.

  • Mood

There are several kings of moods specialization in YouTube’s library. So, if you are searching for background audio for your video, YouTube has the arsenal to suffice your needs. All you have to do is select amongst the categories of moods.

  • Instrument

YouTube library also has a vast specialization in instruments. So, you can search for different kinds of instrumental songs for your next video.

  • Duration

It is sure that you have complete knowledge of the duration of your video, so yes, you can find music with similar time duration to your video.

  • Attribution

Some of the free music makes it obligatory to talk about the name of the artist or the creator of the free music. So, YouTube enforces it to give credit to the artist in the video’s description. However, with the filter, you can segregate out that music that requires credits to be mention and will show you audios that don’t need them.

Realizing about Creative Commons

The nonprofit organization based in California, Creative Commons, has propagated its idea throughout the world. And the primary aim here is to enlarge the creative work and make it sharable so that others can utilize it. This process helps smaller YouTube creators grow.

Here the organization provides copyright licenses in the name of Creative Commons licenses. And in creative common, some music is free and accessible to every person.

This license is a clear-cut tactic for any music artist to have exclusive rights to his/ her content. However, as mentioned above, this oftentimes comes with the cost of mentioning the credits of the creators.

Using Free Stock Audio

Now, if you are a podcaster and want to seek advantage of YouTube’s audio library, then this step is of utmost importance. Mostly those podcasters who have enough budget opt for top-notch podcast editing services. Hire Foley artists to add or record extra sound effects after the main shooting of the audio. However, most creators can’t afford this, and so this is where YouTube helps them.

Yes, most of the field audios are recorded in the production stage. However, creators who are short on budget lack the proper tools to create discrete sounds. So, they get help from YouTube’s own collection. The royalty-free audio tab of YouTube can be applied, which has several types of sounds that one can add to his/ her video.

A-List of Samples Obtained from the Audio Library of YouTube

We are going to list down some of the most preferred free tracks on the YouTube audio library so that you can easily utilize them in your library.

“Pixel Pig” by Di Young

In case you are searching out for an electro-pop song to add to your tutorial videos, then this might be the kind of song you need.

“Underground Stars” by Loxbeats

This library serves to be a good choice if you’re looking for slow-beat music for your videos. It would be a great option to use in vlogs.

“Breakfast Alone” by The Whole Other

Are you looking out for a calm and meditative audio library? Well, then, this is a robust downbeat track. However, it doesn’t sound depressing at all.


So, this is it, never try to use audios that you don’t have permission of. Try to get a legal license so that your video doesn’t get banned.

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