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Essentials That Every Conference Participants Has To Have   

Attending a conference is a rewarding professional experience. Apart from socializing with associates from other institutions and perhaps getting to travel to incredibly exotic locations, the two main reasons for attending a conference are –

  • To hear presentations (gain knowledge), and

  • Converse with other researchers (share expertise/raise awareness on research findings/journal publication endeavors).

 Listening to presentations will help – 

  • In keeping oneself informed about what others are doing (sometimes more clearly than the article, and at least with a slightly different twist and offer the ability to ask questions),

  • Inspire one’s own research ideas, and

  • Gain exposure to different styles of presentation.

As one’s career progresses, they will learn that while listening to lectures is remarkably valuable, with even hallway discussions proving to be incredibly fruitful exchanges. One should do everything one can to cultivate such conversations – this is one of the main tasks of a conference participant.

Essentials That Every Conference Participant Has To Have   

  • A Notebook

 Attending conferences makes participants want to take notes. Although tablets and laptops are convenient for taking notes, they’re pretty heavy. Whether they’re out of power or one finds themselves in a situation where there’s only standing space, the notepad will always prove to be the most convenient solution.

  • A Power Bank

One will be using their phone and, or tablet a lot during the conference, and chances are an electrical socket may not be located near them. So one should always try to take their external battery or a secondary battery along with them to the event.

  • Making Sure To Dress Business Style

 As a conference attendee, one should dress like a professional and should avoid wearing a casual coat or a pair of sneakers. It is crucial to remember that shoes are a topic of conversation, and people remember one’s style and the first impression they’ve had on them.

  • A Business Card

At a conference, one will likely meet a lot of people, so they should exchange their contact details with them. Giving new people a business card is all the rage. One should have them handy for handing out. In addition, one can also write a note on the back of each card.

  • Personal Hygiene Essentials

 At a conference, one should do their best to be glamorous and make sure to bring –

  • a small brush,

  • talc/makeup,

  • hand sanitizer, and

  • perfume.

These are the elements necessary to cool off in the middle of the day.

  • An Easy-To-Handover Demo

 At a conference, one should try to spend time with people who don’t want to talk to anybody. One can handle such people by quickly handing them a demo of their research findings (or articles they may have published in Scopus Journals) as well as a short introduction and contact details to make a good impression, without getting on their nerves or making them uncomfortable.

  • A Small Bag

 Taking a small bag to put any cards and notes in is a good idea. It can prove to be a hassle to handle a lot of brochures and documents when talking to new people.

  • A Coat or Appropriate Winter Wear

 Sometimes the organizers extend the duration of the conference, and in the evening it gets so cold. On the other hand, the room sometimes gets so cold because the air conditioning is very powerful at big venues.

  • Some Snacks To Munch On In Case One Feels Peckish

If one is attending an international conference, sometimes the coffee break snacks are not to their liking. Therefore, bringing something like a chocolate bar or some nuts to treat oneself is always a great idea. 

  • A Pen

It’s funny, but one should bring their own pen because the free-of-charge pens provided to participants often don’t work well.

Career-Transforming Workshops 

 Organizers will be organizing tutorials or workshops on advanced topics being discussed in top journals. These workshops will be aimed at researchers who are starting their careers and may have the added benefit of being a good opportunity to connect participants who are at a similar career level.

International Conferencing Doesn’t Get Any More World Class Than This

 Every one of the conferences listed at the Conference Next portal offers numerous opportunities for academics, researchers, educators, students, and industry professionals to present and discuss their latest work and to discover new and interesting developments in their respective fields. For this very reason, every one of the international conferences in India that are listed on this website has a schedule filled with short presentations on a variety of topics. These are often organized in parallel “streams” that have sessions running simultaneously.

Not only can one rely on the Conference Next portal to serve as a trustworthy conference listing website where you’re guaranteed to find only the best international academic conferences being organized by reputable organizers across the globe, but one can also subscribe to the conference alerts (on offer for no charge whatsoever) to receive instant notifications every time an event the would be interested in, is organized.


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