Why does my dog sit on me?

If you have ever asked yourself “Why does my dog sit on me?” then this article will most certainly be helpful to you and your attempts at learning why your pet sits on your lap. Possible reasons why a dog sits down on you include that he/she needs attention, is too bored, is anxious or maybe you have accidentally punished the wrong behavior. There are some subtle nuances which you may wish to think about when attempting to truly understand why a dog sits down on you. Let’s begin by delving deeper into the mystery of why a dog sits down on you:

Is your dog acting out because it is lonely and wants attention from you? There is no simple answer to the question “why does my dog sit on me” but it’s likely a combination of several factors. Dogs are highly social animals and truly enjoy the company of others. When they are left to their own devices in a room with no one to interact with they can quickly become bored and look for attention from you or other humans in their environment.



Why does my dog sit on me?


Your dog may also be bored and looking for a way to entertain itself while you aren’t home. A bored dog is often an unhappy dog. Your dog wants attention and a good game of fetch, but it’s unable to connect the two events because it is frustrating. Sometimes this frustration comes from being ignored, and other times from simply not getting your attention when it is wanted. Either way, the result is your dog sitting on you with a bored look on its face.

How can you tell if your dog is bored or simply feels left out? You could try leaving a toy or treat outside to keep your dog occupied for a bit. Sometimes using scents as a form of dominance would help your dog feel more secure and leave you alone while you’re away.

Some other signs to look for include whining and barking, chasing and jumping, and wandering off. A dog who consistently whines and barks, while it is on your lap, maybe looking for attention. If you’re out of town and someone else is staying, you’d want to avoid bringing your dog along. A dog who chases and jumps after you as you walk by is exhibiting unwanted and unruly behavior. You’d want to stay out of its path if at all possible.

go find it and play with it

In this case, it would normally be considered normal for a dog to wander off at times. If you notice your dog constantly runs towards something, go find it and play with it. If your dog is always chasing and jumping after you, then maybe it is a sign of separation anxiety. You might want to consider getting a doggy-sitter if you have the time to go and train the pup yourself. You wouldn’t want to have to deal with this problem on a regular basis.

Dominance is also displayed when a dog has control over a hierarchy in the pack. This means your dog thinks it is the leader and will act in a way that benefits that leader. It’s usually expressed in a very submissive manner such as sitting down or bending over. This is often seen as a sign of submission.

comfortable place

Why does my dog sit on me?

What’s important to remember is that even dominant dogs can be influenced by the owners they look up to or by their own prior experiences with other dogs. Your pet can have dominant behavior even if it’s not displaying any aggressive tendencies. If it is overly submissive and sitting on your lap, try to make sure he has a comfortable place to rest. You could also talk gently to it while playing so it understands what it’s doing and doesn’t start to display dominant behavior again. Training your dogs isn’t easy, but with consistency and patience, you’ll find your pets loving and compliant companions.

The owner laziness!

Another reason why do other’s dogs lay on you is that their owner was too lazy to shower him or them with enough love and attention. Believe it or not, lazy people out there still have some things to work on. This could be a common problem among puppy owners, who don’t seem to be able to stop themselves from lazing around after all. The laziness may just have gotten the best of them, and the result is that the dog doesn’t feel loved anymore, because the owner doesn’t care.


There are also some dogs that display some bad behaviors. They may jump up on people, or dig at their homes. Then, there are dogs that have some strange habits like barking continuously without being asked. One thing you need to remember though is whenever you start asking yourself to “why does my dog sleep on me”, you better find answers to these questions first before you can get to the real problem.

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