6 Tips To Take Your Pets For a Morning Ride

Pet owners always try to find opportunities to spend more time with their furry friends. A morning ride with your pet can be very refreshing and energetic. An early ride with your pet can give you a boost that can help you get through a hectic day. Not only that, a refreshing morning ride can uplift your pet’s soul as well. Dogs need physical exercise more than a human.  Also read:4 Strategies to Avoid Insect-Related Infestation at Homes with Pets


A morning ride with them can allow them to run freely and enjoy the fresh air of the morning on their body. But you have to follow specific rules if you want to take your canine friend for a bike ride. Every dog is not perfect for running alongside your bike. You have to train your dog first before you take them with you for a ride.  





Is Biking with Pets Safe?  


Among all other pet-related activities, biking with your pet is the most favorite activity. Dogs generally enjoy any running session with their human friend. But it is not possible to start this running session right away with your pet. You have to train them first. Every dog is also not suitable for running with a bike. You can’t expect a Pomeranian dog to run like a Golden retriever with your bike. But that doesn’t mean that a Pomeranian dog cannot enjoy a ride with you. You have to provide different kinds of equipment for them like a Cardboard Cat Scratchers. Riding with your dog is very safe if you follow some rules and tips while riding with them.   


To help you experience a premium morning ride with your pet, we’ve listed some tips which will make your ride session with your pet more enjoyable.  


Tips for Biking with Your Dog  

  1. Make Sure your Dog can Run with Your Bike

Every dog breed is not perfect for running. Before starting the biking session, you should talk to the vet about this matter. Running can be harmful to older dogs, as they have many underlying diseases which may get worse for running. Also, riding is not good exercise at all if your dog is overweight. That’s why testing your dog before taking him for riding is very important.  

  1. Train your Dog for a Bike Ride

Before taking your fluff ball to an early morning bike ride, you have to train them first. If your dog tends to pull or chase while walking, that can be hazardous while riding. That’s why before taking them for a bike ride, first focus on the walking training. Also, you have to teach them all the safety commands like ‘stop,’ ‘slow,’ or ‘watch me’ to make your riding smooth and hazard-free.  

  1. Begin with Short Rides

You can’t expect your dog to run like a pro with your bike on the first day only. You have to start it slowly. Start with short-distance rides. Give your pet time to get used to this new exercise regime. Your furry friend is also like you. They also need time to adopt a new habit. You can start with slow trips around your neighborhood, which are known places for your dog. You can gain your speed little by little every day to train your dog properly with a bike.  

  1. Use a Dog Carrier for Bike Riding for Small Dogs




Big pets can run a great distance with your bike if you train them properly. But a small dog can’t run like that. You need to install a dog carrier or dog basket on your bike for your small fluff ball. You can install your pet basket in front of your bike. That way, your dog can enjoy the whole bike ride properly with a magnificent view. You can use a dog carrier in backpack style as well. That would be much more convenient for you. There are many dog carriers available in the market for bike rides. You just have to choose according to your requirement.  

  1. Pack All the Necessary Items 

Before taking your canine friend for an excellent bike ride, don’t forget to pack all the necessary items with you. These items may seem very ordinary, but they are super important things to carry while riding. We’ve listed most of the essential items here for your convenience.  

  • Drinking water.  
  • Dog first aid kit.  
  • Extra dog leash and harness.  
  • Training treats 
  • Your vet’s number  
  • Dog waste bag.  

Keep all these supplies in your backpack to be on the safe side while riding with your furry friend.  

  1. Use Protective Gear for Your Canine Friend



When you are riding with your small pup, you need to take some precautions. If your pet is sitting in the front basket while riding, give him a canine bike goggle to protect his eyes from glare and wind. Don’t forget to use a protective helmet as well. To keep your pet’s paw protected, you also need to carry booties with you. Try to take a dog jacket and raincoat to keep them safe from cold and rain.  



An early bike ride with your pet not only keeps your pet fit but also makes your physical structure solid and sturdy. The fresh morning air also helps to keep your mind fresh. That’s why you should arrange bike rides with your pet now and then after training them properly. 

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