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Health and Fitness

Ways to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

Staying healthy is an important part of pregnancy. Aside from taking care of yourself, you also have to take care of the baby developing inside the womb. This is to ensure that the baby comes out safe and healthy during the due date and also lessen complications that might arise during pregnancy. So you need best obstetrician werribee.

You don’t need to face your pregnancy journey alone; you could always go to your obstetrician for help and advice on how to take care of yourself and your baby during pregnancy until delivery. Here are some of the ways to stay healthy during pregnancy.

Eat Healthy

Your diet plays a huge role in your healthy during pregnancy. Some people say that a pregnant woman should eat for two, however, it’s just a myth. What you need is healthy and nutritious foods to help nourish your developing baby while also providing your body the energy it needs to support carrying the baby. The best foods to eat are fruits, vegetables, calcium-rich foods, and whole grains.

Attend to Prenatal Check-ups

All throughout the course of your pregnancy, your obstetrician will set scheduled check-ups to monitor the growth, development and health of the baby as well as the status of your pregnancy. Your obstetrician will help you deal with other pregnancy issues and discomforts to make your journey a little bit comfortable and lighter.

During your visits, you’ll also get a prescription on the essential prenatal vitamins to take during certain stages of your pregnancy. If you’re looking for a good obstetrician Werribee has some good ones you could trust.


obstetrician werribee
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Stay Active

Exercise helps a lot in keeping you healthy and fit during pregnancy. However, there are some cases when their pregnancy is sensitive or risky and exercise is not recommended. Consult a health care provider first to know if you could exercise during your pregnancy and what types of exercises are safe for you and baby.

Get Enough Rest

During pregnancy, the body exerts a lot of effort in carrying and nurturing a developing baby inside the womb. This requires a lot of energy and it’s normal for pregnant women to feel tired and sleepy from time to time. Listen to what your body wants. If you feel tired or sleepy, take some time to rest, relax and even take a nap if you can. This helps replenish all the energy you need to continue on the day. When lying down or sleeping, it is best to lay on your left side for better blood flow.

Be Stress Free

Stress is one of the major factors that could affect the health of your pregnancy. While stress is almost a normal part of daily life, it is best to lessen or avoid it as much as possible if you’re pregnant. Seek help from loved ones and friends to help you manage stressful situations in life.

Staying and maintaining a healthy pregnancy is actually in your hands. Follow all those tips and see how it helps a lot in your pregnancy up to the big day.

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