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3 exercises to relieve stress when working from home

3 exercises to relieve stress when working from home

To overcome the stress and uncertainty around you, it is important to engage in activities that can bring inner peace.3 exercises to relieve stress when working from home

But staying home prevents you from doing a very important stress-free activity – going to the gym.

In such cases it is advisable to start exercising at home.

A smart way to start exercising is to use yoga.

For best results, do yoga with indoor cardio exercises such as climbing stairs, dancing or zumba at home!

To further motivate you, here is a list of yoga late steps, tips and tricks for exercise.

Practice 5 Yoga Exercises without Leaving the Chair!
These modified yoga poses can be performed while sitting on a chair.

Start their practice with a break in the office.

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Bent sitting

The folding front seat is a “Paschimottanasana” version of the seat.

This exercise will help you to confuse the mind and relax the tendons.

Do it

Sit in a chair.

Now place your hand on your thigh and stretch your waist.
Begin to move the foot by hand until it touches the toes.
Stop when you feel enough from the back of the spine.
Now he emphasizes the chin to relax the neck.
For best results, hold this position for 3-5 breaths.

Cats and sitting cows

The image of a cat and a cow in a sitting position is a version of “Upavistha Bitilasana Marjariasana”.

This exercise will help lubricate the spinal oils and awaken the energy centers along the spine.

Do it

First sit in a chair, then watch and inhale with a spinal cord.
Now roll your shoulders back and tighten your shoulders.
Push the abdomen forward and the tail back.
Then exhale, roll your back, place the cake and pull the animal forward.
For best results, repeat this exercise at least five times.

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Seat extension

Yoga posture is used to stretch the chest to open the heart.

It helps to stretch the chest and ribs and has the potential benefit of those who spend days in front of a computer.

This exercise can be done with a bent shoulder or a rounded spine.

Do it

Start with the spinal cord and look up while sitting firmly in a chair.
Now inhale and expand your lungs to open your heart.
If you want to improve shoulder compression or be less flexible, do so with two fists on your back, instead of holding on to the back of the chair.
For best results, repeat this exercise for at least 3-5 breathing cycles.

Sitting pigeon

The sitting pigeon posture is perfect for relaxing the tense muscles of the thighs caused by prolonged sitting.

Do it

Start by placing your left foot on the floor.
Now move your right ankle to your left knee.
Do you feel that he has a right hip stretch? Lean forward to enhance the feeling.
If you have a frozen knee or the knee joint is less mobile, just lift your right leg.
Bend your knees and bend your knees close to your body until the tension is removed.
For best results, hold this position for 3-5 breaths, then repeat on the other side.

Screw in the seat

Putting the spine in a sitting position promotes proper digestion and promotes spinal mobility.

This can also strengthen your abdomen and relieve low back pain.

Do it

Sit in a chair and then take your right hand and take it to your left knee.
Now turn left by turning your body, then your shoulders and finally your neck.
Your goal should be to return to the left shoulder.
For best results, hold this breath for 3-5 breaths and repeat on the other side.

The yoga postures above are perfect for working women and men who want to stretch quickly in a chair.

Do not push your body too hard when the postures are painful.

Relax lightly and do not act against your body with these movements.

 Cardio exercises at home, after or after work

Cardio training is important for health and well-being.

Here are 3 cardio exercises to help you maintain your energy levels.


No equipment or a lot of space is needed for cultivation.

Just set the table and jump in the air.

Keep your hands on the floor and your back straight as you step on the ground.

So you spend over 100 calories in 10 minutes!

squat jump

Open your shoulders to your shoulder towards the chair.

First, quarrel regularly, use your core and jump high with all your energy.

When lowering, lower your body to the starting position to complete the circle.

When you come in, be sure to place your entire foot on the ground.

run up the stairs

Climbing stairs is a great cardio workout at home if there is a staircase nearby.

If you do not have a ladder, you can use special steps for this exercise.

This exercise will help you gain strength and reduce the strength of your body.

Before that, wear good sneakers.

Finally go … get ready … Zumba!
Haven’t tried Zumba at home yet?

Now is the best time to start this energetic Latin workout.

Simply put, Zumba is probably an hour-long dance performance.

You may have to sweat yourself because you are at home and don’t have a chance to party.

During a Zumba session, your goal should be to sweat if you quickly switch to Zumba rhythms.

Find guides and inspiration on Zumba Why on YouTube.

You can also get help from Zumba with virtual lessons from instructors near you.

Maybe you are in a new world of exercise and yoga. Maybe you just want to try a different approach!

In either case, the exercises and exercise tips above will make you more flexible and relaxed.

Find out what your body needs and learn how it works. Make it a daily routine to avoid picnics while working from home or looking for a new job.

Good tutorials!

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