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Tyres: Tubeless or Tube – Take Your Pick

We may not have realised this but as car owners, tyres have long been a vital part of our everyday life. A minor problem while on the road like a tyre blowout or puncture can leave one at the side of the road all on their own. Hence, it isn’t so surprising that several different types of tyres have been developed that are specifically suited for the various needs of car owners collectively. Tyres that are available now are much more strong, long-lasting, and convenient.

The result of such advances is the tubeless tyre, whose demand has been steadily increasing all over the automobile industry. But why are they so in demand? If they are the best, why are the tube-type tyres still being sold? Should you buy tubeless or tube tyres? To answer such questions we’ve compiled what you should know about tubeless and tube tyres so that you can come to a conclusion and decide which Tyres Hounslow you want to buy.

Tubeless vs. Tube Tyres

  • Tubeless Tyres – Just like its name suggests, tubeless tyres do not have an inner tube within them, even though visually they look just like your regular age-old tube tyres. These tyres have been designed with a butyl lining, thus making them air-tight. The tyre and rim assembly serve as an air container for the compressed air contained within the assembly. Even if something sharp were to pierce the tyre, the air within it escapes very slowly unlike a tube tyre, giving you enough time to reach your home or to call for a car service.

  • Tube Tyres – Tube tyres have been in use for more than half of the 20th century. To this day the basic design with which it was developed remains the same. These tyres are equipped with a valve and rim within them. Tube tyres are distinguished by the presence of an inner tube between the rim and the tyre. It is this tube that is filled with air and gives a round shape to the tyre. Heavy-duty vehicles like trucks are dependent on the usage of tube tyres.

Basic Differences

The very basic differences between tubeless and tube tyres based on various factors like weight, cost, maintenance, and more-

  1. Due to the lack of a tube, the tubeless tyres weigh less as compared to tube tyres.

  2. Less weight increases the fuel efficiency of tubeless tyres in comparison to tube tyres.

  3. Tubeless tyres offer better grip and road handling.

  4. Not all good things come at a low price; tubeless tyres cost more as compared to tube tyres.

  5. Tube tyres require higher maintenance and are more prone to punctures as compared to tubeless tyres.

Pros and Cons of Tubeless Tyres


  • Enhanced Safety– One of the most notable advantages of tubeless tyres. Since it has a slow rate of deflation, if you are ever faced with a tyre puncture you have enough time here to drive to a local car shop for the necessary repairs.

  • Simple Repair and Maintenance– With the appropriate kit and toolbox on hand, repairing a tubeless tyre is a matter of minutes. A sealant will aid in filling the gaps and extending the life of the tyres. If you have tubeless tyres, it is recommended that you keep a sealing kit on hand in case of a puncture.

  • Less Weight and Friction– The lightweight tubeless tyres contribute to an outstanding driving experience and also towards less friction which is a major cause of low tread life. As a result of less friction, tubeless tyres have longer on-road life.

  • Driving Stability– As a result of the even distribution of air pressure, the tubeless tyre provides one with greater vehicle stability while driving.


  • Compatibility Issues– Due to the lack of a standard issue, tubeless tyres may face compatibility issues causing installation difficulties, such as the tyre not fitting properly. As the tyre needs to be fixed against the rim, professional help may be required as incorrect mounting can result in damaged wheels.

  • Cost Inefficient– as compared to the tube tyres, tubeless tyres fall on the costly side of the spectrum since you may need to buy new parts just for them.

Pros and Cons of Tube Tyres


  • Less Costly– As compared to the tubeless tyres, tube tyres cost way less and even have inexpensive repair costs.

  • Good Road Grip– These tyres are made of a soft rubber compound, making them the best in the market when it comes to grip on the road surface.


  • Instant Air Pressure Escape– The major disadvantage of tubed tyres is the rapid loss of pressure in the event of a puncture. If the tube is damaged, the pressure drop is immediate.

  • High Friction Leading to Frequent Punctures– When the tube comes in contact with the wheel at high speed and motion, a lot of friction is generated as a result. This further leads to steady wear and tear of the tube resulting in frequent tyre punctures.

  • Repairs are Time Consuming– The time and effort taken to repair a tube is draining and tiring. It takes a lot of time and if the damage is substantial, it might cost a bit. The only relief here is that with the correct tools and skills you can patch up a hole on your own.

If you’re still unsure, don’t worry because you can head over to London’s Mobile Tyre Fitting, where an extensive range of Cheap Tyres London and our highly skilled staff awaits you.

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