When Should the Car Tyres be Changed?

As a motorist, you want to choose only the best for your vehicle. With a market this saturated, it might be arduous to make a decision. But Michelin tyres make it easy with their premium quality radials that are always ready to face various challenges head-on.


With its headquarters at Clermont-Ferrand, France, Michelin ranks second among the largest tyre manufacturers globally. Established by two brothers, Édouard and André Michelin, it only falls behind Bridgestone in terms of production.

Michelin tyres produce high-quality tyres, implementing various innovative technologies. Some of its best creations include the removable tyre, the train or pneu-rail tyre, and most importantly, the radial tyre.

This French tyre maker manufactures a wide variety of tyres, which suit different vehicles such as passenger cars, SUVs and vans. Besides, its tyres also find their place in the racing industry.


Poor quality tyres often wear out quickly, needing frequent replacement. But Michelin’s premium grade sets last long, making them a superb choice for all drivers. Besides, it is always fundamental to consider your safety and comfort. These tyres provide excellent handling and cornering, ensuring your rides are always secure. Also, every new model produced by this brand performs better than the previous, yielding smooth performance on the road.

Original Equipment:

Car manufacturers such as Porsche, Jaguar, Audi, Mercedes, etc., use Michelin tyres as their original equipment. Thus, they have become a reliable choice for customers.

For Passenger Vehicles:

The number of consumers owning passenger automobiles and looking for appropriate tyres is usually the highest. With increasing demand, competition rises the competition amongst various models of different brands.

  • Energy-XM 2+: Your journey remains smooth always due to the incredible performance offered by these tyres.

  • Primacy-4 ST: Tyres that let you enjoy noise-free and comfortable rides.

  • Pilot-Super Sport: Just like their name suggests, these tyres are best suited to high-performance sports cars.

For SUVs:

Regular tyres can never be the correct fit for SUVs. These vehicles need a boosted performance, laced with innate luxury, out of their tyres. Michelin does an excellent job of balancing the two. Given below is a list of five such tyres manufactured by the company.

  • LTX-Force: Fitting for both on-road and off-road use, these tyres offer excellent traction throughout.

  • Latitude-Sport 3: With amazing traction and mileage, these tyres are the ultimate companions for your SUV.

  • Pilot-Sport-4 SUV: This model is particularly befitting for opulent SUVs, offering a smooth handling and a firm grip.

  • Latitude Tour-HP: Best for on-road travel, these tyres last for a long time, providing excellent all-around performance.

  • Primacy SUV: These tyres are designed for on-road drives, making them pleasant and practically noise-free.

Final Words:

The way a vehicle performs depends on a multitude of factors, internal and external. As for the latter, tyres constitute one of the most crucial ones. With the help of Michelin Tyres Reading, you can determine the correct sized radials for your wheels. Once you figure that out, you can pick out the set that matches your vehicle and your driving style. As we already know, Michelin has some amazing stuff to offer. You can select one of the top tyre models mentioned above for your car or SUV. Buy a set online or from your local tyre retailer, and get them fitted in your automobile.

Michelin offers its radials at a wide range of prices, meaning there is one for everyone. Go with the one that fits both your budget and your needs the best. That way, you can make the most out of your purchase. Whichever set you ultimately decide on, it is crucial to get their size right. Regardless of whether you get an expensive or Cheap Tyres Reading, care for them properly. That will yield you the best output from your vehicle.

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