Top SEO Techniques of 2021

Nowadays, doing SEO is a tough row to hoe. Google updates around 500-600 algorithms every year. A  WordPress SEO Service provider or SEO person needs to know every SEO update to assist those who want to remain on the top of search results. 

But, as an SEO professional, you have to do so many tasks daily. Keeping yourself updated or reminded about all SEO Algorithms is a difficult task in such a hectic schedule.

So, it’s better not to waste time doing so. We are here to help! In this article, we have mentioned the important SEO techniques or latest updates that keep your business one step ahead of your competitors.

Recent trends of SEO

1. Understand Your Site’s Core Web Vitals 


It is the biggest update of 2021. According to the core web vitals update, Google has marked 3 metrics to measure the performance of your site i.e. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID) & Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). And these metrics play an important role while Google prioritizes the rank of any site. 

As per the update, LCP that projects the page speed should be 2.5 seconds. It is better if a site loads faster than 2.5 seconds. Second Metrics FID that indicates the page responsiveness. The FID metric of your website should be less than 100ms. It means that your site should take less than 100 ms to interact with user input. Third metrics CLS denotes the visual stability that should be less than .1 second.


2. Optimizing for Google Passage Ranking


Nowadays, Google gives importance to the content of your site. If a passage in your blog resolves the issue of any particular query then it will rank automatically whether you optimize that passage of your content for a specific keyword or not.

The experienced WordPress SEO company uses this strategy to get traffic on the client’s websites. They add content on sites that answer the user’s doubt or query. Using this strategy, they achieve great website traffic. For this, all you need to do is add queries in your heading which have great search volume. And write clear, simple & quality content to answer the user’s query.

3. Focus on Featured Snippets 

Featured Snippets 

The featured snippet has shown in position zero or top of the Search Result page. You can easily appear in a featured snippet if you write an article for long-tail keywords or if your content answers so many questions.


4. Eat Principle


Don’t forget the EAT Algorithm. It measures your brand’s reputation on the web. If your industry is more competitive than others, you should think about how you can compete with large corporations or well-known brands.

No worries, there are simple steps that you can take to make your brand authoritative, trusted, and reputable. 

  • Ask customers to leave good reviews on Business Listing sites.
  • Generate a high-quality link from your industry site.
  • Stay active in public forums.
  • Display customer feedback, expert opinions, testimonials, and other types of social evidence on your site.


5. Add New Content

add content

Nowadays, only those websites rank that have a huge quantity of quality content on their sites. To get on the top of a search engine, you need to add new content to your site on a regular basis. It will allow a search engine bot to instantly crawl your new content, which will aid in the ranking of your site.

Always remember, whenever you consider searching for a topic for a post, do thorough research on the topic’s or keywords’ search volume. Optimizing your post titles, headings, content body is critical for ranking to get rank on search engines.


6. Update Outdated Content


Never forget to update the outdated content of your website. Old content can increase the bounce rate of your site that will have a negative impact on your site ranking. So, it’s good practice to keep your site content fresh and updated. Also, update the date of your post whenever you update the content of your blog.


7. Add Relevant Images

relevent images

Content with images is a great resource for the user. Images clear more understanding about the content to the user. Using images that are relevant to the content or topic is one of the great SEO techniques. Give a useful alt tag to each image. You can also use the keyword as an alt tag if keywords are relevant to images. Avoid using keywords in alt tags that are irrelevant to images as it will give the spam signal to Google. 


8. Build Up Your Backlinks


Backlinks can increase the brand authority of your site. Google nowadays only considers the links that are building on niche relevant high-authority & trustworthy sites. Guest posting, social media sharing, and finding sites with good authority to build links are trending backlink techniques.


In short


Creating new & solution-oriented content is the best way to rank in 2021. Using the above seo techniques in your market strategies will lead to great success in the digital marketing field.

Still, if you found any SEO techniques that we are missing out on or if you have any query then do let us know in the comment section.


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