Tips to Maintain a Bike and Choose the Good Bike Parts Online!

In 2020, we will see more and more people on a bike ride, either for some sort of exercise or ride adventures. While returning from the tough slog over the hills and muddy trails, the first thing you need to do is give your bike a good scrub. 

If you think your bike isn’t readily caked in mud and dirt, you need not clean it. That is wrong! your bike still needs washing every now and then, at least twice a month. Properly cleaning your bike might hardly take minutes, and doing so will save you from investing. Another alternative is to buy a whole new set of bike parts online from a reputed brand that ensures quality and lasts long with warranty measures.

When we invest in something nice, we ultimately keep it clean and tidy. Then why not our bikes? Before taking it for maintenance and service, do you ever clean it yourself to make sure it runs smoothly? In this article, we will primarily dive deeper into knowing some tips and tricks on how to clean your bike and make it less of a hassle. 

Let us have a look below!

Spray Your Bike:

We recommend you avoid a powerful stream of water, as the pressure can move water into the bearings and cause them to rust. Instead, use a specified pressure as you do when watering your plants. You can leave your bike in the sun for a few minutes after rinsing and then use a soft bristle brush once to give it a scrub.

You can even use a scrub rather than a brush to ensure the bike does not get any scratches or the color frame doesn’t fade away.

Scrub The Drivetrain:

The next step we can take is to spray and soak the area with a degreaser. After taking a scrubber or a brush, we need to gently scrub the chain, cassette, chainrings, and other parts. We can rinse and then repeat the same process if necessary. It might be repeated two to three times to make it look cleaner and shine like a pearl. 

Clean The Wheels And Tires:

We would ask you to use a soft and a big brush for cleaning your tires and rims. This is so as it can reach every nook of the wheel without much effort. Dip your brush into a bucket of water that you used for the drivetrain. Scrub the wheel all the way around, including the hub and spokes, flip it and apply the same method to the other side as well.

This might help you come across noticing issues if any. After you are done with washing, you can repair the holes you need to.

Bath The Frame:

You can use that same bucket of soapy water to clean the crud off your frames. Still, if there are some pesky grit pieces, you can use that same brush or scrub rather than water pressure to reach every cranny. It’s your investment, so treat it like you would to your car or any other expensive tool. 

Cleaning your bike will clearly let you know if any scuffs or dings happened to your bike during the ride. It doesn’t matter which kind of bike you own. Be it a mountain, road, electric, or cruiser, all the bike parts, including cassettes, chainsets, rims, and your mountain bike mudguards or fenders, need to get washed adequately in a general manner. 

Let’s now jump on to know some easy tricks for maintaining your bikes!

As far as we are concerned about cleaning bikes after every muddy or gritty ride, in a similar way, it is essential to maintain them on a regular basis. As food is necessary for us to survive, the same way, basic maintenance is required to prevent ourselves from unsafe conditions. It isn’t as tricky as it sounds. Follow these basic yet straightforward steps if you need to have your bike rolling down without costly surprises.

  • Keep Bike Clean:

Just like you look after your motorcycle or car, the same way you need to clean your bike to extend the life of your ride. Preventing dirt and grease from eating up the mechanical parts is of utmost importance. Checkout for the motorbike parts melbourne.

  • Lubricate:

Make it a habit of wiping off and cleaning chainsets after every ride. Sinking lube into the chain can make it go smooth for a long time. There is a tact of lube; use a tiny amount and wipe off any extra because lubricant used in access will invite more dirt and dust that further impact shifts. 

  • Inspect, Inspect:

Nothing is more tedious than changing a flat tire during the ride. In order to avoid this, you should check your tires and pressure with a tiny pump. Make sure the tires are correctly inflated, then check for other damage that might cause it to go flat.

  • Service:

Taking your bikes into the service center plays a significant role in maintaining them. Whether it needs a complete inspection or basic maintenance, just go for it and ensure your bike is safe for use.

Apart from cleaning and maintaining your bikes, it will be best for you to have energy. So, use our Tailwind nutrition pack with pleasant flavors and natural ingredients for a complete hydration solution. To achieve the right race and endurance levels, we are here to support you.

That’s all! I hope this guide will encourage you and make you more responsible for maintaining your bikes. The more you take care of it, the less you have to spend. So, what are you looking at? Browse The Podium Shop and explore a wide range of collections. Visit the site today for a wonderful experience!


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