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How to Choose and Fit a Bike Rack

Are you planning to travel with your bikes this summer? Whether you’re on vacation with the kids or just want to explore a day, a bike rack in your car is the perfect way to ensure two-wheeled performance and drive you anywhere.

Bicycle racks are ideal for two – they create space in the car so the whole family can travel safely with all their luggage and no oil or dirt gets on the seats when the bike is stored or not. Before you rush out to buy one off the shelf, however, there are a few notable things to consider.

In this guide, we will help you choose the right bike carrier for your car and give you some helpful installation tips. Use the links below to find the information you need.

Know the basics before buying a bike rack

Before you look for bikes, you need to know a few things that can point you in the right direction. Since there are various types of roof racks for different cars and bikes, be sure to buy the right one.

Below we will discuss a few notable issues before purchasing.

  • Is your car really designed to carry bikes? Some cars are not designed to carry bicycles, so it can be difficult to find a suitable roof grille. For example, if you drive a city car, you will pay more for a special roof grille because of its size. Even if you have a bike or two with you, it can affect performance if your car is small.
  • How would you like to ride a bike? There are a number of different options, including roof, rear or trailer hull options. We’ll address this in more detail below, but keep this in mind when you begin your research.
  • Comfort or performance? Great priced bike races, some well under £ 100 and others over £ 500. It all depends on the features and efficiency that your roofs require and the price of your bikes. £ 500 might seem like a lot, but it can be worth it when you have a £ 2000 bike and need a break.
  • How many problems can you live with? Some top-rated bike racks are easier to use than others. So if you hate fading, it’s worth buying one that has easy use as the main selling point. Rod-mounted suitcases are generally the easiest to use, while suitcases are the most complex to use and operate.
  • How many other things do you bring with you? If you are traveling with your family, you will probably have a lot of suitcases with you. Indeed, you may need things to transport such a roof box, in which case your bikes will be behind. Think carefully about what you use the roofs most often, and whether you can lift more things in the car (or in this case).

 The various types of bicycle racks and their advantages

There are three main types of bike carriers to choose from, including those that go up to the roof, trunk and bar. If your car is big enough, you should be able to use one. However, if you’re driving a small cab or city car, limit yourself to just one type of roof grille (probably a stock-based option).

Here we look at the main types of bicycle racks, their advantages and disadvantages.

Mounted on the roof

Roof racks attach to the roof racks of your car so that bikes can be mounted on them and off the road. Of course you will have to buy roof grilles before buying such a roof grille, which can increase the overall cost.


Advantages: One of the best things about indoor bike rack is that your bikes are completely out of the way and your luggage is free for loading and unloading. They are one of the safest ways to transport a bike, so they are perfect for those with expensive bikes.

Disadvantages: Securely attaching your bike to a roof grille can be tricky and difficult, especially if you drive a SUV with a very high roof, and there is a risk of paint damage when you pull it up and down (and don’t endanger) well under some parking barriers! ). Also pulling the bikes on the roof can add a lot of extra traction, so if you see that your average MPG drops a bit.

Boot Mounted

Luggage racks are a cheap option for bicycle transport if your car does not have a pull bar or roof rack. They are attached to the luggage rack with straps and a metal frame and can hold 1 to 2 bicycles.

Pros: Cases are the cheapest option because they do not require additional equipment, such as a trailer coupling or roof. Once installed, it is very easy to use, and you can easily remove and install it if you do not need it.

Disadvantages: Luggage racks are one of the least secure means of transportation for bicycles and offer limited durability and can easily damage the paint on the back of the car. Once the luggage is installed, you will not be able to open the luggage, which can make it difficult to sort your luggage. They can also only carry a limited number of bikes, so they are not perfect for a family of four.

Mounted joystick

A good option if your car has a pull bar. These grilles are attached to the back of the vehicle floor and provide safe transport for all your family bikes.

Pros: Although sold at a higher price, the handlebars are sturdy and are the safest way to transport a bike. Because they are far from the car, they do not pose as much risk to painting as the other two options, and they are also very easy to use, which means that a bike has to be a painful game. ‘Children.

Disadvantages: these luggage racks can be a little more expensive than their roof and luggage space, and they also rely on a pre-installed traction bar mechanism. Although some lean forward to give access to the luggage, most cover it so that it is not easy to climb in and out of the luggage while driving. You should also install a headlight board to ensure that other drivers can use your headlights, turn signals and license plate.

Useful tips and tricks for bicycle carriers

Finding the right bike rack that fits your needs and budget requires a lot of research, but our helpful tips can help you narrow down your search and quickly get acquainted with the bike rack you want.

Here are our top tips and considerations for finding the right grille.

  • Think about the weight of the bike – are you planning to bring three solid mountain bikes or two light road bikes? The total weight of the bike is important to find the right net. So do research on the maximum weight of the cream you are interested in and how much your bikes weigh together.
  • Consider wide tires – Although hybrids and racing bikes have narrow tires that will work well with most luggage holders, tires on mountain bikes and cross-country bikes can be too large for some rifles and luggage racks. Make sure the luggage you choose matches the tires on your bike. Forums about a particular bike brand and model should help.
  • Keni spoiler? – If your car has a plastic rear spoiler, you can not use a suitcase as it locks the containers and is not strong enough to support the weight of the bike.
  • Use a licensed check-in service to narrow down your search – Some car suppliers use a tool to find a bike rack suitable for your car. This makes it easy to find a compatible option, though there is still a lot to check to make sure it fits.

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