The Role of a Pharmacy Store & Types of Pharmacy

Many of us already go to pharmacies when we are sick to seek some relief from the discomfort, but there is more than one type of pharmacy and it can be confusing depending on what type of medication or service you are looking for. The pharmacy store in San Diego are establishments where they sell medicines (industrialized or manipulated), substances for therapeutic use, products, objects, and hygiene tools, toiletries, and perfumery.

However, the difference between each of the pharmacies is related to the type of medication that is handled or marketed. Medicines sold in a pharmacy store in San Diego can be of vegetable or chemical origin. The function of the drugs also varies, being cosmetic, homeopathic, food supplements (used in orthomolecular medicine), among others.

Ever wondered what types of pharmacies exist? Well, in this article, we have explained the four most common types of pharmacies

There are some existing types, such as:

Manipulation Pharmacy

This establishment sells manipulated medicines, that is, prepared in the laboratory by a qualified professional. However, for the compounded medicine to be produced, it is essential to present a medical prescription.

The compounding pharmacy prepares a specific formula with each client’s exact dose and amounts based on the medical prescription. The compounding pharmacy store in San Diego differs from other types by providing specific products for its customers and offering quality and attentive service and qualified employees.

Phototherapy Pharmacy

This pharmacy sells medicines whose preparation base plants. The components used in the preparation of herbal medicines can be leaves, stems, roots, flowers, and seeds of plants with a proven pharmacological effect.

Despite the benefits generated by medicinal plants, care is needed when preparing these drugs. The quality of the plant used must be checked, as well as the presence of curative substances. Without proper quality control, the drug can danger the user due to toxic effects (contamination by microorganisms or pesticides).

Homeopathy Pharmacy

Homeopathy seeks to treat the patient in a general way, not just treating a specific disease. The principle of this practice is to rebalance the human organism since the appearance of diseases indicates an imbalance.

Homeopathy treats physiological conditions (gastrointestinal, gynecological, dermatological, and respiratory problems) and emotional issues. However, patients with more severe illnesses such as cancer and AIDS shouldn’t abandon traditional treatment.

Hospital Pharmacy

Whether public or private, hospitals have pharmacies for a free supply of industrialized medicines to patients treated there. Unlike other types of pharmacy, hospitals do not need authorization to operate, as they do not sell medicines.

What Is the Role of Pharmacy?

The pharmacy has earned a key role in healthcare in its own right. The Pharmacy committees, among others, support the recognition of this work, it is high competence, and its specialized training. But when we talk about evaluating drugs at the state level, it is different. An evaluation requires expertise that goes beyond the drug itself.

Health economists and medical specialists must be an active part of this evaluation, and this is what they demand. But we should not turn a problem of discrepancies in methodology into a dispute between professionals.

  • The pharmacist’s primary mission is to provide pharmaceutical care.
  • The pharmacist is responsible for medication-related care to achieve definitive results that improve patients’ quality of life.
  • Another mission is to ensure the use of prescription drugs, thus avoiding people’s self-medication, as the patient’s last line of defense before he decides to use a drug on his own.
  • The pharmacist’s role is to raise awareness and guide the patient about the best use of medicines.
  • Faced with this situation, the pharmacy’s participation has been crucial in its different fields and competencies, both in research work and in caring for patients who came in search of professional health advice.
  • The CGCOF document recognizes pharmacists’ performance as active agents in Public Health for preventing and early detection of respiratory infections and their care work.

Hope this article is helpful to build a better understanding about the type of pharmacy store in San Diego and role of pharmacies in healthcare and pandemic. For more relevant articles please stay in touch:


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