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The Reality Behind The Most Popular Lash Extension Myths

Eyelash extensions – a crazy craze! 

We all desire to look beautiful and love having lash extensions. It’s a dream of many girls to have voluminous and long lashes. 

The huge popularity makes a whole lot of information floating around. And we are surrounded by horror stories and myths about an extension that makes us hesitant to step ahead. Probably you might come across one horror story with a dramatic version that you have fallen victim to. 

It is what holds you back from getting extensions done. We are here to clarify doubts regarding the procedure. Now, no fear can stop you from getting a beautiful classic set of eyelash extensions. Embrace your beauty with the dramatic effect, longevity you want. 

Throwing some light on TRUTH by busting out MYTHS bubble. 

Myth – The application process could hurt you or make you feel uncomfortable.

The application process done by an artist should never cause discomfort, and it will not hurt you. In fact, it is a very relaxing process that you can also enjoy ‘lash naps’ in between. No pain is involved in lash extension, so don’t let fear of pain stop you. You are surely going to enjoy a spa-like luxurious experience that makes you feel relaxed! 

Myth – Extensions will damage your natural lashes 

When you visit a lash salon, make sure they use formaldehyde-free adhesives that are exclusively made for extensions. The premium products, trained artists with a proper application process, will never damage your natural lashes. During the process, it’s essential to the health of your lashes to have each lash isolated when an extension has adhered to it. 

The proper separation can allow hair to grow continuously and shed as it would naturally. In addition, the blending of top-quality adhesive with individual lash sustains the health of your lash indefinitely. 

Myth – If extensions are removed, natural lashes will be shorter. 

Not at all! Natural lashes grow as usual when trained artists apply extensions. Yes, pulling, tugging or cleaning, and rubbing your eyes to remove the mascara may damage your lashes. There is no damage in lash extension when done by experts only! The myth that natural lashes get shorter is not true. So, search for an eyelash extension near me and get the best natural-looking eyelash extension. 

Myth – You can’t wash face around your extensions

It is believed that with the delicacy of glued lashes, water and face cleansers are No-No while having extensions. Instead, we encourage you to keep your classic lashes clean and wash your face. It allows them to look healthy and fresh. 

However, it is said, you need to be alert while using products. Use a facial cleanser that is extension friendly for best results, and don’t use makeup removers or oil-based cleansers. Lastly, don’t rub too hard! 

Myth – Lash extensions are too expensive.

“You get what you pay for” is an old maxim when it comes to lash extension and services. In different sectors of the US, prices vary based on the cost of living in that area. Give advice to your clients that they shouldn’t go to random corners and try to find the cheapest eyelash extension just by searching near me. Rather go to an artist that offers you quality work and gets you a beautiful extension.

Myth – Lash extensions are supposed to last about 5-6 weeks 

It’s absolutely false. In truth, it is called “false retention” that is attained by gluing lashes together side by side. They are forced to stay on the lash line. It is incredibly unhealthy and irreparable damages your natural lashes. The lash extension will fall out as your natural lash shed with a full growth cycle of about 60-90 days.

Myth – Eyelash extensions look the same, just like my friend’s lash extension.

All possess different eye shapes and different numbers of natural lashes. What does this mean? It means lash extensions can be customized just for YOU. And it means extensions may not look just like your friends have since you both have different shapes and different amounts of natural lashes.

Here at wisp lashes, we customized your extension by using a custom-built mapping system. In addition, our trained artists implement exclusive techniques that tailor a perfect design for every unique eye shape, lifestyle, and desired lash look. 

A beam to reality! 

Are you all set now to begin your path of enjoying effortless beauty with eyelash extensions? We hope that we busted out all the myths regarding the process, lifetime, and damage to lashes. Now you won’t be a victim of any horror stories anymore. Our experienced staff delivers you top-quality classic lashes service with the assurance of long-lasting effects. So find a Wisp Lashes salon by searching for an eyelash extension near me and get a chance to magnify your beauty from our professionals.

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