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Why Is It Necessary To Isolate Your Lashes?

Applying eyelashes is considered an easy job by many people. What is it, after all? For a layman, it is just gluing the eyelash extensions onto the lashes. Sounds pretty straightforward right? This is not it. The main task while applying lash extensions is to properly isolate the lashes before lashing. While the whole process needs concentration, some artists believe they can get away with giving the client excess volume. But, most experts refuse to favor this. They believe it compromises on the result, making the classic lashes look droopy in no time.   

Most lash experts say they use the two-tweezers method to ace the look. This method, as the name suggests, involves the use of two pairs of tweezers. One is used to isolate the natural lash and the second one is used to apply the lash extensions onto the natural lash. In this read, we aim to share some reasons why lash isolation is necessary for eyelash extensions.

Isolating the natural lashes allows the natural shedding process to occur – 

As most of us already know, the hair on our scalp and eyelash go through a growth phase. The growth phase is where the hair grows and falls out and follows its rhythm. For instance, there could be one lash that is emerging, while the one next to it is preparing to fall off. During the lashing session, if isolation is done properly, the lashes tend to stick together which is called lash stickies. It will obstruct the shedding process. The eyelashes that are not perfectly isolated can be pulled out ahead of their time. It causes damage to the hair follicle. Once the hair follicle is damaged, it takes months for it to recover, if at all it does. Hence, isolating plays a key role in protecting natural lashes.

Isolation gives safety and comfort while wearing eyelash extensions –

This question is for our regular lashing community. Have you ever felt the tightness or tugging feeling on your eyelashes post extension appointments? If yes, your lash artist is not isolating the right way. When the lashes are properly applied and isolated, you will not feel it, and this is a sign of a perfect set of classic eyelash extensions. 

Lashes that are not isolated and stuck together tend to feel uncomfortable over time. The client may feel tugging or tightness on the lids. Although it may not be painful, it is certainly annoying. The eyelashes that are stuck together may not be in the same growth cycle. The ones that are ready to fall out or shed may be pulling out the adjacent budding lash along with it.  It results in long-term or permanent damage to the hair follicle. 

A tip for our clients is to look out for the tightness post appointments. If they feel the tugging on their eyelid, it is a sign that the eyelashes are not applied the correct way.

Proper isolation allows for the control of the shape and design – 

A professional and skilled lash artist knows exactly how to manipulate the natural lash, to be able to create the desired look for their clients. Natural lashes tend to behave differently from one another. They are not uniform and straight. Applying appropriate isolation techniques helps the artist to see the natural lashes clearly. They can also control the direction of the lash when applying the eyelash extensions. Moreover, being able to see the natural lashes helps the artist choose the perfect extension for the client’s eyes.

Improper isolation can make your eyelash extensions look unnatural – 

The last thing any client wants from a lash extension appointment is to walk out looking like they have artificial lashes stuck onto your natural ones. It is tough to give clients natural-looking lash extensions, especially if they demand a volume set. To make the eyelash extensions look seamless and undetectable the key thing is to ace isolation. Proper isolation will prevent the lashes from sticking to one another and give a natural effect. 

For this, if the artist’s isolation technique is on point, the next thing to be blamed is the glue. Cheap lash adhesives can make the lashes clumpy. Hence, besides working on the isolation process, getting the right supplies also plays a key role. So, if you are practicing isolation and still being unsuccessful, consider trying different lash glue. That might be the culprit for clumpy lashes.

Isolation can help you avoid giving your clients uneven looking lash extensions – The failure to isolate the lash extensions gives a clumpy result. It gets more problematic when the client desires to get a volume lash set. Isolating the lashes can evenly distribute them and give a beautiful result. No matter what your client is asking for, work hard in isolation and in the end the result will be commendable.

Isolation requires appropriate tools – 

As we mentioned above, the most used technique for isolation is using the two-tweezers method. If any one of the tweezers is not doing its job properly, the entire process will be compromised. The same applies to lash adhesive. We suggest you first get your hands on the best quality tweezers and lash glues. It will make isolation easy. 

 Some artists tend to jump onto a volume set without getting perfect at classic eyelash extensions. Volume can be tricky, with practice you will get there. But, first, stick to the basics. These are the things that artists and clients should know about eyelash extensions

Conclusion –

We ask all our lash professionals to take it slowly. With daily practice, they will nail the isolation game. Some worry about speed as they go about lashing. Once you are perfect in your art, no client will complain about the long hours they spend in your chair. Bear in mind, perfect isolation and supplies are the keys to perfect looking eyelash extensions. If you are not satisfied with your lash service, look out for ‘eyelash extensions near me’ and visit Wisp Lashes to get the perfect eyelash extensions. 

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