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Six Of The Biggest Challenges Facing Online Marketing

Six Of The Biggest Challenges Facing Online Marketing


We often hear from clients that it is difficult to navigate online marketing. They rely on us to provide them with guidance and clarity so that they can make the best decisions for their business.Six Of The Biggest Challenges Facing Online Marketing

In the online world, the speed of technology and adoption is a unique challenge for businesses. Below are five challenges that customers often hear and some tips for dealing with them.

Word to the reader: if you are a “penny”, do not forget about the fifth topic where I present active marketing – one of the newest and most exciting marketing concepts.

[Update: Since the original announcement and some new data, we’ve added three more challenges at the end of the post.

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1) Social Media Management

Chances are your social media strategy has not been determined. Social networks are so young that companies on social networks fall more often than they thrive. This includes brands of all sizes – from moms and pop shops to billion-dollar worldwide brands and a seemingly unlimited workforce.

Common challenges on social media:

Questions you are already asking:

What kind of content should we produce?
How can we create great content?
How often do you have to sell on social media?
Who does the work?
How do I respond to them?
Do I have the right person to guide and implement my social strategy?
Process work:

Deming pointed out that most business problems arise in the process. Instead of working on my perception of clients, I see a wrong process for managing social and inappropriate content strategies. Of course, I also often see no great content strategies, and even less often I see a great process. Depending on the choice, we prefer content issues rather than processes. Content and strategy are relatively easy to solve. Integrating a disciplined implementation, measurement and accountability is much more difficult.

To overcome the challenges of a successful social media campaign, start with the process and then the input strategy.Six Of The Biggest Challenges Facing Online Marketing

2) Get SEO value

I have repeatedly written about the challenges facing SEO companies today. Since changing the algorithm becomes less keyword data, it is more difficult to get results and more difficult to see results. Not a good combination. The biggest losers are the companies that make the most of their online revenue using these search engine rankings. If the rating is lost, sales will stop.

Even if you’re not in recovery mode, trying to beat the competition without an effective cheap solution has increased SEO value. Correct! Simply put, the price tag goes up and the desired output goes down. This is a dangerous trend.

3) The use of multiple devices

As a data-driven agency, one of the biggest challenges is tracking the visitor experience across all devices throughout the customer cycle. I’ve been writing about this for the past few months, but here’s a quick update:

Day 1: Potential customers sit in chairs with iPhones. They see your product on Facebook news. Click on your page, look and continue.

Day 6: The same prospect is now using an iPad for a product like yours. You may not remember your brand, but when searching for your product type, you will get Google search results along with your competitors. They look-play and compare price and features, but still can’t buy it.

4) Optimization of mobile functions

You’ve heard about the mobile phone revolution for years. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt said, “This trend has taken hold on mobile. It’s now being beaten.”

In recent years, customer mobile phone traffic has ranged from 5 to 30 percent. Changing traffic will reduce conversion rates, reduce time on site, and increase bounce rates.

A responsible website that changes the format of your site’s content based on the user’s screen size is a step towards better mobile device usage. But if you’re just going to take care of your mobile audience, you’ll miss the ship. Mobile phone users are less patient, looking for a variety of answers and may be in the next stage of the buying cycle.

5) Popular competition

As companies continue to grow online, consumers are becoming more cautious. The streets are full and everyone wants to participate. Staying in the corner and up in the noise is harder than before. If you are selling goods that were with him that he was a fair price, how you can increase market share and develop your business.

6) Adequate safe budget

About a third of B2B and B2C companies also believe they have adequate budget security.

This challenge is strongly related to the ability to measure profits. If acceptable profits can be shown, many savvy entrepreneurs will have no problem investing.

For those trying to justify higher budgets and justify new tactics, it is useful to provide external data.

The chart is also from the status report and about the profits of input tactics compared to output tactics.

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