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Pocket watch : How to choose one ?

Pocket watch, how to choose the best for your loved ones or for you? Here is a resume to get all the parameters before your purchase.

Types of Pocket Watch Hunter Case

Open Face Pocket Watch

An open-face pocket watch is a great choice if you want a traditional watch design. This type of pocket watch has no front or rear lid. It is allowing the watch’s face and hands to be seen instantly when handled. A pocket watch is not only a utilitarian. It’s also a practical solution for keeping time, but it also lends itself to a sleek, stylish, and unfussy design – ideal for the modern man.

Half Hunter Pocket Watch

Look no farther than the half hunter pocket watch if you want the security of a complete hunter pocket watch. It comes with the practical timekeeping skills of an open-face watch. The front of the half-hunter pocket watch has a protective casing, but it also has an open or glass-covered viewing window. This system allows the user to rapidly read the time without having to open the case.

Half Double Hunter Pocket Watch

The half-double hunter pocket watch is a hybrid of the double hunter and half hunter designs. It comes with a case that unfolds both the front and rear of the watch. As well as a viewing window in the front case that allows the user to rapidly check the time. Half double hunter pocket watches have exquisite, often complicated designs. That’s making them excellent for the watch collector wishing to make a sumptuous statement.

Double Hunter Pocket Watch

The front and rear of a double hunter pocket watch are both covered with a case. This protects the watch’s face while still permitting the user to see the intriguing mechanical movements within the pocket watch by opening the back of the pocket watch. The double hunter pocket watch also can stand up on its own when the shell is opened on both sides, providing it a superb ornamental item for a work desk or cabinet.

Full Hunter Pocket watch

Another well-known pocket watch type is the complete hunter. This pocket watch has a single protecting outer case that completely conceals the watch face and must be opened to read the time. The adding of an outer case to your watch provides greater protection as well as extra design options; many complete hunter watches have ornamental components such as casing decoration or engraved initials.


Types of Pocket Watch Movements

Quartz Pocket Watch

An inside battery powers a quartz pocket watch. The quartz movement gets its name from the fact that it transfers an electrical current via a quartz crystal, which subsequently drives the movement. The ticking action of a quartz pocket watch distinguishes it from its mechanical counterparts, and unlike mechanical rivals, it does not require winding to maintain accuracy. For people who wish to use their pocket watch on a more frequent basis, a quartz-powered pocket watch is an excellent alternative.

Mechanical Pocket Watch

When it comes to watches, a mechanical movement is the genuine classic option. A mechanical pocket watch, as opposed to more contemporary battery-powered timepieces, has a number of complicated internal components that work together to power the timepiece’s movement. This implies that a mechanical pocket watch must be wound manually to keep its accuracy. Mechanical pocket watches are perfect for skeleton or double hunter designs due to the incorporation of precise inner movements.

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