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How To Make A Steampunk Pocket Watch

How To Make A Steampunk Pocket Watch: A Step-by-Step Guide

So you are here to know how To Make A Steampunk Pocket Watch? Pocket watches with a Steampunk theme Although they were mainly used in the 1980s, they are still in style and can therefore be used as a special means of highlighting your style. The watch makes a far stronger impression for its beauty than for its practical role. The exclusive and trendy steampunk watches are designed to suit both men and women and are available in a wide range of designs that you cannot imagine. Steampunk watches could help you keep track of time.

What is Steampunk?

Steampunk is a subculture, which originated from the popular imagination of science-fiction authors like Jules Verne and H. G. Wells. It describes an alternative reality of the 19th century, in which steam power, electricity, and factories are still alive and well. Despite a current decline in interest in steampunk style, its interpretation as part of an “avant-garde” fashion is always more popular than ever. Steampunk is basically about combining elements of technology and art. It is an extravagant way of expressing your personality and creativity. However, its popularity could also be partly explained by the fact that it has very few limits. The same timepieces can be adorned with chains, leather straps, gaudy jewelry, precious stones, or even “alternative” applications.

What Are Pocket Watches?

Steampunk watches were first introduced in the 1980s and used to represent the futurist movement that was popular during the time. The legend of these watches involves writer and inventor H.G. Wells who invented the idea of time travel through his novel “The Time Machine”. The dream of every traveler is to reach a distant city and to see what the city of the future is like. This dream can be realized by wearing a futuristic watch that represents a glimpse of the city of tomorrow. Steampunk watches and timepieces with similar themes are however mainly known to people from the 1980s and are often associated with science fiction. You Can Make a Steampunk Pocket Watch From Fossil Watches Unlike vintage timepieces, these are not made of valuable materials.

Create the Shell of Your Steampunk pocket Watch

Just a pocket watch might not be enough to create an appealing Steampunk watch. The watch case and the watch bracelet are essential for style. But they can be made in many different colors, which makes your wrist look unique. Here is how to make a Steampunk watch: The first thing that you should think about is the finish of the watch. There are many versions available. Some designs have rose gold or stainless steel. The metals are either gold-plated or can be made of stainless steel. For the watch that you want to put on your wrist, you need a titanium case and a bracelet made of either brass or copper, or both. The watch itself should be engraved with your initials or the year you were born. In terms of size, make sure that you have enough room for the watch.

Add the Steampunk Pocket Watch Face

At this point, you’ve already chosen a great-looking watch case that also matches your outfit. The watch case in itself may not be a Steampunk watch, but the watch face is. The Steampunk watch face allows you to display the time classically. A traditional analog dial, divided into ten lines, around hour and minute hands and dials, and colors to match your outfit. An online search could help you find a suitable digital clock that fits the look of your watch. Accessorize The Watch Case While you can add pretty much anything to your Steampunk watch, you must choose a watch case that matches the watch’s design and matches the case you have chosen for your outfit.

Add the Straps

Steampunk watch straps have a lot of different shapes and sizes. You have to choose ones that fit well and not clash with the design of the watch. How To Do It: A guide to the modern and artistic way of wearing a Steampunk watch If you love and respect fashion, you can wear this watch while showing off the elegance of your dress. However, you should make the watch a little bit longer than you normally would. These slender bracelets with or without a chain come in different colors and are ideal for Steampunk fashion. So, what do you think of these Steampunk watches? Do you like them? If not, are you looking for one?


The design and the functionality of the steampunk watches are flawless, but what is most important for a watch is the aesthetic appearance of it. Steampunk watches are original and stylish pieces of equipment, and here are some tips on how to find one for yourself. Make a decision on the choice of the material for the watch. You should consider your own taste. If you like the look of steampunk watches with an iron theme, the material can be steel. However, there are also a lot of beautiful, sophisticated, and pretty watches that could look cool in a steampunk world. Second, choose the case that best suits your taste. Some people like a more vintage and rounded look for their watches, others prefer something more angular and heavy.

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