Medical Billing Services for Small Practice

Most doctors establish their practices in order to improve their relationships with and care for their patients. The Affordable Care Act, ICD-10 updates, and other factors influencing medical billing compliance make it more and more challenging to survive.

Your medical practice has some elements that have a big financial impact on your revenues. When you manage these areas in a way that is consistent with excellent business practice, you surely improve the financial health of your organization while freeing up more time to finish what you started: providing patient care.

The Need for Accurate Medical Billing

Medical billing services are now required in order for medical treatments to be promptly reimbursed.

In-house billers are employ by doctors to manage medical billing businesses. The numerous and constantly altering norms and regulations in the healthcare sector, however, provide a challenge for billers and coders. Keeping up with new innovations can be challenging. Claims for a small practice must properly code and presented on time. Every step/process in the healthcare revenue cycle is essential and needs to Carrie out perfectly. As a result, carrying it out internally becomes a difficult procedure. The decision to outsource medical billing is a wise one.

Outsource Medical Billing Services for Small practices would be sensible in order to achieve a successful revenue cycle, improved cash flow, and cost savings on fixed and variable expenses. In general, medical billing companies have the resources to guarantee correct billing, prompt claim submission, and ongoing claim follow-up. Clearing claims and managing denials are simple activities that efficient medical billers can complete quickly and cheaply.

As a medical billing company, BellMedEx has served medical professionals for more than 6 years. We’ve had the privilege of helping small practices boost their earnings. Any community’s sole practitioner or small practice is its foundation. We offer specialized medical billing services for small practice and Large Practice, freeing up physicians to focus on providing top-notch patient care.

Front Desk Personnel

A medical billing company found that numerous medical offices consistently undervalue the value of the front desk workers in their operations. Generally speaking, front desk personnel must be friendly and capable of scheduling appointments, contacting insurance providers, and directing clients to the proper area. The front desk represents your practice to the public, thus it must be a multi-tasking powerhouse. You want somebody that makes a great first impression, is competent, and is able to respond to patients’ questions. The acts of your front desk employees can either ensure a patient’s survival or ensure they never return. Consequently, you require the appropriate front-desk staff.

BellMedEx is without a doubt the greatest choice when it comes to medical billing. Companies that handle medical billing handle all the billing and speed up reimbursement. As it is more affordable and effective to hire a medical billing company than to hire internal workers, this is the ideal course of action.

The teams at medical billing firms are effective at handling denials and processing claims. There are numerous software solutions for medical billing. They are also employ by medical billing businesses to streamline tasks. We can ensure you that our systems adhere to all current standards for medical billing and practice administration.

BellMedEx Medical Billing Services For Small Practice

Enhanced Cash Flow

Small and large clinics that provide medical billing services can submit claims on time and pursue them aggressively. To help you improve your cash flow, we make sure that your claims are pay out quickly and with as few denials as possible.

Lower Billing Errors

In order to keep our billers informed of changes in the business, they get regular training. Regular modifications and process streamlining are taking place. Because of this and the expertise of our billers, our claims are always accurate.

Enhanced savings

Both capital and recurrent costs will be less expensive for you. Capital expenses like office space, furnishings, hardware, and software updates might all be cut. The monthly savings include salary and associated labor costs, staff training, and office supplies. Cost savings are the main advantage of adopting medical billing services provided by third parties.

Convenient Compliance

It’s critical to keep up with the fast evolving standards and rules created by third-party insurance companies like Medicare, Medicaid, etc. When the medical personnel must also attend to the patients throughout the day, it may become tiresome to keep up with the changes in maintaining billing compliance. It is advantageous to outsource your medical billing needs because reputable medical billing firms with a track record of success would be HIPAA compliant. The medical billing procedures would be carried out with the highest transparency and data security.

HIPAA Compliance:

Your patient information is protect with us. Additionally, all procedures are open and you may always monitor the progress of your claims. We adhere to HIPAA regulations. Additionally, we safeguard patient information.

After we receive your files from the patients, we process them within a day or two. Our billing staff is made up of knowledgeable, competent, and efficient billers.

No disruptions to the cash flow

Your medical healthcare facility is required to offer in-house staff a variety of benefits, including employee vacations. Your medical practice would have to halt a number of medical procedures when one of your staff decided to take a vacation. Due to the fact that your medical billing procedures would have to wait until the employees’ return, this would cause a disruption in cash flow. This won’t be an issue if you choose to outsource your medical billing requirements because the third-party service providers offer 24/7 help.

Patient Service Desk

In addition to interacting with payers, our staff also does so with patients. We answer patients’ questions and keep them updated on any financial obligations they may have. Patients are satisfied with our services as a result. We are dedicated to supporting small practices to boost their revenue and advance.

Clear communication with payers and patients is a key component of our medical billing services for small practice. We respond to patients’ inquiries and keep them updated on any financial responsibilities that may be present. Our patients are happy with our services as a consequence. We are committed to helping smaller firms increase their profitability and advance.

BellMedEx medical billing services are a wise choice for both small and large practices if you want to expand your offerings and are motivated by the prospect of making a healthy profit. We make sure that reimbursements are made on time and that practices are lucrative. Visit our website or ask for a demo for more details.




Bellmedex medical billing company has an experienced and qualified team working diligently, knowing about company policies to get money in minimum time. The RCM Healthcare proficiently managed the sustainability of medical services; along with challenges and complexities, our medical billing company operates efficient billing claims quickly. It's our responsibility to manage and optimize revenue performance.

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