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Let’s Get Zen: The Bigger Picture

Let’s Get Zen: The Bigger Picture

Are you getting lost in details or are you seeing the bigger picture?

Imagine your painting object, landscape or portrait you are so close to the canvas filling in the details.  Names That Mean Death

Then you take a step back. And you see the speckle you were focused on doesn’t seem so big anymore. It’s simplified. The spectrum of colors you looked at has begun expanding again. As the artist of your life – now in full control, you see the bigger picture.

Wherever you are right now is where you need to be.

It’s so important to be at zen, to be right here. Whatever your job, whoever you date, whatever situation you are in you need to be look at once at a close standing point and then a couple steps back. Everything going on right now is part of your spiritual development.

You could hate it, your fingertips a beginning counter from here you decide what to do with it next. Eckhart Tolle says “Accept or change”. Becoming at peace with whatever is going on is the only way to set the frequency to the laws of the universe that you’re ready to be in sync with whatever it wants to do.

Its signal to the universe becomes coherent. There’s no entanglement in between. It always sets the tone to your human character allowing it not to be stressed or depressed. It shouldn’t have to lower itself into the body because you aren’t giving it the break it needs.

The soul is always waiting to reveal itself more to you. It will hang around the block until you are ready to show up. It awaits your call.

Some of us focus so much on that daily killer of a routine, we try to robotize our souls and it just gets suffocated so bad it burns – it waits until your mind and heart are ready to accept change.

It is forever qualified to take you into a higher state of consciousness.

When you at set for knowing and wanting more out of the human experience, you will find yourself in a state of chaos. Here, your life may get messy but it’s only for the soul to help clear itself up. Our mind and heart get distracted because it’s the only way for the soul to get on with itself.

Learn to Trust the Struggle
I’d like us to remind ourselves that we need to know whatever is happening to us, especially when the times are dark, we forget there’s light in the distance waiting to shine upon us. All of the answers we are hunting for may not arrive at us as soon as well call for them. When the soul is aware enough it takes them in, at it’s in frequency with your heart and mind. It knows they have reached their levels of understanding. It bares comeuppance for all its chaos.

Then you can begin to start painting again. You notice all the blank spaces that need to fill with much intensity and enthusiasm and realize that you’ve tons of landscape to undergo.

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