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Health and Fitness

Jogging(Running) Tips For Beginners

Motivation is half the battle!

Desire gives rise to dreams and goals, and the latter, with the right approach, becomes reality. To make the dream come true, you need to make the necessary efforts and do it right. Agree that every effort should be purposeful and then hours of jogging will immediately benefit.

The right motivation is half of all success, because, without it, a person cannot make a dream come true. Athletes reach their heights through daily exhausting workouts, but what prompts them to do it? What made you go in for sports? For everyone, there is an argument that can become the strongest motivation.

It often happens that the goal is not achieved on the first try. Surely many have tried for years to start running and do it regularly. 


Why, after two runs, a person quits exercising

Probably because there were no changes. It takes a long time, 1 or 2.3 years to achieve the desired result and look like a beautiful athlete or an athletic guy.

This is long and requires regular training, but let’s look at the situation from the other side! Let’s go back to the unsuccessful attempts that are made every year. Here’s one try, second, third. It’s been 3 years already. Think, because during the time while you are gathering strength, it is already possible to make your dream come true! Already now you could be the slender person you have dreamed of for the past few years.

So maybe it’s time to really get into sports and not feign attempts?


What should we do to go jogging?

Choosing the right equipment is an important step to a successful training session. Proper running clothing meets the following specifications:

  • Does not restrict movement in the hands and knees;
  • Allows the skin to breathe;
  • The weight of the equipment is not felt;

Also, when choosing equipment, it is important to take into account the air temperature. There is a simple rule here: if the temperature is above +15 degrees, then we put on a short sports uniform, and if it is below +15, then a long one. This rule is generally accepted among athletes and physical education teachers.

It is worth considering the presence of precipitation and its intensity. If the precipitation is insignificant, then additional equipment is not required. If the intensity of precipitation causes discomfort, then it is better to wear a windbreaker with a hood, even when the temperature is above 15 degrees.


  • Short-form

  1. Cap (if necessary)
  2. Sunglasses (if needed)
  3. T-shirt or T-shirt made of lightweight, lightweight fabric
  4. Running belt (if needed)
  5. Shorts above the knee 2+ cm.
  6. Short socks
  7. A T-shirt made of loose fabric is needed so that it does not stick to the body when it gets wet from sweat. This can make it much more difficult to move your arms.


Shorts should be above the knee, not knee-deep or below it. Otherwise, the shorts will interfere with the movement of the legs at the time of the extension of the swing leg and bending of the knee joint.


  • Long-form

  1. Hat, warm hood, or ear band
  2. Sun or rain goggles (if needed)
  3. T-shirt bottom, windbreaker top
  4. Belt (if necessary)
  5. Knit or synthetic pants or tights
  6. Socks
  7. Despite the low temperature, do not try to insulate as much as possible. It is quite difficult to freeze while jogging, but it is easy to get wet, and after the end of the workout, it is easy to get sick.


Shoes – sneakers or sneakers?

If you want to achieve results and at the same time preserve the joints, then put the sneakers aside, or rather hang them on a nail. These shoes are not suitable for running because they have thin soles and flat heels. In sneakers, you can practice a sport that does not imply long and intense running or jumping.

Sneakers are what you need for a comfortable run. Their outsole is thicker and has a cushioning effect. The heel is above the toes for easy forward movement. At the same time, there are also requirements for sneakers:

  • Lightness (weight should not exceed 300 grams)
  • Deep protectors
  • Good lacing
  • Non-wet surface

If you are running on the tarmac or sidewalk, the depth of the tread is not so important. When running over rough terrain (park, forest, sand), it is important that the grip is as reliable as possible. Therefore, you need to choose sneakers with deep treads, optimally 5 mm.

A simple component of sneaker-like laces is also important. The lacing of some models is not able to securely fix the foot in the shoe. There is also a type of lacing that compresses the tibial artery in the ankle area. Be sure to check this when fitting.

The surface of the sneaker must be waterproof. Otherwise, running in the rain will result in high water shoes, which will significantly increase their weight.

You can find suitable shoes not only in the collections of popular brands. Another thing is that when purchasing shoes from Nike, Adidas, Asics, Rebook, and others in specialized stores, you can be sure that the sneakers meet all the necessary requirements.

Take your running time and divide it by the distance you ran, to calculate your pace. Try an online pace calculator to calculate your pace, which is very convenient, easy, and super time-saving.


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