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Here’s How Yoga Helps You Maintain Good Dental Health

Yoga has been a part of numerous cultures and religions for centuries. This ancient art has helped millions unlock their true self and live a life of more happiness and less stress. The practice of yoga is a combination of various physical, mental, and spiritual health benefits. But, do you know there is also yoga for teeth which helps you maintain good oral health?

Yes! You read that right. There are specific yoga asanas that help you maintain healthy teeth. Yoga experts from around the world have come up with why doing yoga for dental health is a good idea. Yoga provides your body with multiple therapeutic benefits, which is where yoga for oral health also comes in.

With that said, yoga experts from around the world have come up with some benefits to practicing yoga for maintaining a good oral health. Let us first find out how stress impacts your dental health.

What Stress Does To Your Oral Health?

The tension in your jaw muscles causes you to grind teeth at night. Moreover, clenching and grinding your teeth causes wear down and leads to nerve damage, receding gums, and tooth decay. Moreover, this problem can so far also misalgin your jaw.

The second impact comes in the form of dry mouth, which causes bad breath and is a reason for the onset of periodontal disease.

Also, too much stress in the long run causes abnormally high levels of Cortisol, which also weakens your immune system. Combine that with Halitosis and you have the perfect conditions for bacteria to cause gum diseases in your mouth. Fortunately, you have yoga for teeth to help you maintain good oral health.

But, let us first check out the recommendations by yoga experts for good oral health.

Good Oral Habits – The Secret To Fighting Dental Health Problems

There are some oral hygiene habits that can help you maintain good oral hygiene.

  • A major reason for tooth decay is lack of proper brushing. Yoga experts recommend you should brush teeth two times in a day. It helps you avoid build up of plaque, which is a thin film of bacteria that clings to your teeth after having meals.

  • Invest in a high-quality electric toothbrush. Although, it might be a bit expensive, the electric toothbrush has been found effective in dealing with plaque buildup in your teeth.

  • Do floss regularly after every meal.

Let us now check out how yoga can help you maintain good dental health.

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Benefits Of Yoga For Teeth

Do you have a habit of clenching your jaws? You should never do this as it ruins the enamel and also cracks your teeth. Moreover, you will experience frequent headache and neck pain. Luckily, doing yoga for teeth can help improve your dental health.

Keeping that in mind, given below are three ways how doing yoga helps you maintain healthy teeth.

1. Minimizes Inflammation

Sometimes, to straighten your teeth, dentists prefer using braces which unfortunately cause inflammation in your gums or mouth. Yoga minimizes this inflammation by making the braces rub less on sensitive parts of your mouth.

On the other hand, too much stress also causes an increased production of the stress hormone, Cortisol. This leads to swelling in your gums, which puts you at a risk of developing a severe gum disease. Yoga reduces the production of the stress hormone which then minimizes gum swelling and keeps gum disease at bay.

In the long run, yoga helps you adopt healthy habits by brushing your teeth twice and not grinding your teeth when in stress.

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2. Reduces Pain

Too much slouching can make your head go out of alignment. It also impacts how your bite is lined up, which can cause a debilitating pain in your jaw. There are numerous yoga asanas that provide you a good body posture.

Doing yoga for teeth helps align your body posture. If you experience intense jaw pain, yoga helps relieve you of the the muscle pain that leads to it in the first place.

3 .Stimulates Saliva Production

There are numerous breathing techniques in yoga that increase the amount of saliva in your mouth. Saliva washes away any bacteria and also fights bad breath which is caused by dry mouth. If you want to get rid of braces pain, there are numerous yoga techniques for that. Doing yoga for teeth under the guidance of a yoga expert can help you make this possible.


Do you want to get rid of the plaque buildup in your teeth? Practice yoga for teeth to maintain good oral health and keep dental problems at bay.

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