Is Online one-on-one Tuition Beneficial in Comparison to Home Coaching?

Is Online one-on-one Tuition Beneficial in Comparison to Home Coaching?

Though there isn’t much difference between online home tuitions and home coaching, whatever the differences may be, they matter! Like online home tutoring, in offline home coaching as well you needn’t travel, so they are less hectic. Still, students find online one-on-one tuition more beneficial than home coaching! Why? Let us compare them both and find out which one is better.

Difference 1: Global Experts

In offline home coaching, a tutor comes to your home to impart the education while an online one-on-one tuition tutor reaches you virtually through the internet. You must have realized there are no geographical constraints in the case of the latter. Your online home tutor could be from any place across the globe. So, you can learn from the best tutors from even a distant region if you wish to.

As far as home coaching is concerned the home tutors usually are from your city itself. So, you don’t have many options. When in online tuition classes you get to learn from the global experts, in offline home tuitions you can at maximum learn from a city expert.

Difference 2: Cost-Effective

As we discussed in the difference one, while you can learn from global experts in the case of online home tuitions and a city expert in the case of offline. But that may or may not be a drawback of offline home coaching. Even the city experts can be well-versed and adept in the subject they are tutoring. However, here lies the difference. While you can get an online private tutor at quite competitive prices, a good offline home tutor can be overly expensive.

Getting the same quality of education that you are getting in online home tutoring from offline home tutoring is next to impossible. An offline home tutor will charge you hugely for traveling to your place and bearing all hassles. Even an average offline home tutor is expensive, forget about one equivalent to an online home tutor.

Difference3: Flexibility

Online home tuition, usually, is flexible, and it allows you to plan your schedule based on your needs. But an offline home tutor may not visit you at flexible timings every day. Yes! He may be able to manage a day or two but not every day as such. It’s not that they will come to your place according to their time. There must be an agreement of time in offline tuition as well but that’s not frequently changeable. If you want to confirm which tuition platforms provide flexible timings, you can visit their online tutoring sites.

Difference 4. Virtual Whiteboard

Most online tuition platforms make use of virtual whiteboards for imparting education, unlike offline home coaching. These interactive smart boards allow you and your tutor to interact with each other easily and seamlessly. Not just that some of the other features a virtual whiteboard supports are:

  •       Notes sharing
  •       Screen sharing
  •       Live chatting
  •       Lesson Recording
  •       Discussions
  •       Document sharing
  •       Audio & Video calls
  •       File transfer

Your online tuition classes become more effective and easy through the virtual whiteboard. As we discussed above, hand-written notes can also be shared through the virtual whiteboard. All you need to attend classes through the virtual whiteboard is a laptop/ Tablet/ iPad/ digital writing pad and internet connectivity.

Difference 5: Demo Sessions/ Trial Classes

Not all offline home tutors provide a free demonstration of the class. However, most online home tuitions provide you with free trial classes or demonstration sessions. Though, it may sound trivial to you but is the most crucial aspect of any private tuition. Through it, you not only can find out the quality delivered by the tuition platform but also stay away from burning your cash.

Though every tuition provider promises to be the best, not all impart education according to their promises. It is always better to take a free trial class and know the quality of education to be on the safer side. For booking a free demo, however, you can visit the online tutoring sites and register yourself there.


So these were the main differences between online home tuition and offline home coaching. Now, it must be clear to you as to which is better. Online home tutoring is certainly better than offline home coaching. It allows you to get a quality education at affordable prices that too at the comfort of your home. Attending online tuition classes is a dream come true for those who wish to learn from global experts.

An easy way to find online tutoring sites is to search on Google. Just remember to take the free demonstration classes before enrolling.  Also, read reviews and testimonials of ex-students and parents to validate what the tuition platform is promising. If you know more differences between online home tutoring and offline home coaching, please share in the comments section. Happy Learning!

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