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What is better for Geography – Self-Preparation or Online Tuition?

What is better for Geography – Self-Preparation or Online Tuition?

Are you considering hiring a geography tutor to help yourself with the subject? If yes, are you still on the fence about whether it is the right decision? If that is the case, then this article will prove to be very informative for you. 

We will discuss everything – from the pros and cons of attending online geography classes to the advantages and drawbacks of self-preparation. In the end, you will have enough information to make an educated decision yourself. 

Why is Online Tuition Becoming Popular?

You might not be aware of this fact, but geography online tuition classes have become very popular in recent times. People nowadays are choosing to go for online tuition rather than physical face-to-face classes. What is the reason behind this sudden shift? Is online education cultivating better results than face-to-face classes? Let’s find out.

Here are the advantages that online geography tuition classes have over physical classes:

  • Sometimes, finding the right time for tuition is more challenging than finding the right tutor. Online tuition classes don’t have this problem as their schedules are flexible. 
  • Students who opt for online classes are in touch with their tutors more often. 
  • Online tuition for geography has much more flexibility in terms of teaching options, thanks to the growth of technology. 
  • Online tutors promote independent thinking and applying learned knowledge in practical applications. 
  • It is more convenient, affordable, and effective than regular physical classes. 
  • Most importantly, online home tuition for geography yields good results for children more often than not. 

So, these were some of the main selling points that compelled parents and children to think about online tuition. With so much diversity and quality available on online platforms, physical classes have become a thing of the past now. Before moving forward, it is essential to note that online courses only produce good results when it is done right. That being said, parents need to find a perfect tutor for geography to get desirable outputs.  

That could be a difficult task, as you would find an online geography tutor anywhere. But you can never be sure about their quality. This is where Ziyyara comes in to help you. 

Helping Parents Find Good Online Tutors:

We mentioned in the previous section that Ziyyara has been successful in providing good tutors. 

So what is Ziyyara? It is an online platform that offers live, interactive, one-on-one tutoring sessions for children. Here’s how Ziyyara has challenged physical classes to attract the attention of determined students:

  1. Ziyyara’s geography online classes are customizable and personalized according to each child’s requirements. 
  2. They allow parents and children to choose a suitable tutor for themselves. 
  3. Ziyyara ensures that they provide quality geography home tutoring as they hire the most qualified tutors. All the tutors in Ziyyara have undergone a written and verbal test to verify their teaching capabilities. 
  4. Ziyyara keeps in regular touch with the child’s parents. This is done to ensure maximum transparency. Parents can see if their children are making good progress through these tuition classes. 
  5. Ziyyara also offers the opportunity to try out a few demo online geography tuition classes before the parents make up their minds. 

We’ve said it before – finding a great tutor for your child is a necessary step in achieving good results. If you are having difficulties in finding one yourself, then please consult Ziyyara’s support team by visiting their  official website. Online tuition for geography wouldn’t be as effective if you don’t find a good tutor.

Self-Preparation – is it effective?

Are you still unsure about trying out Ziyyara’s online geography tuition classes? Since physical classes have become ineffective, your other alternative would be self-preparation. 

So, our next question to address is whether self-preparation works or not. You might already know that most of the students rely on self-preparation when it comes to easier subjects. But you need to ask yourself, is Geography an easy subject? Self-preparation might work for subjects that are not difficult to understand. But you might need Ziyyara’s online tuition for geography if you think you might struggle with the subject.

Here’s why geography is a subject, needing time to grasp.:

  1. It is vast and has a large number of concepts, making it difficult for students to study on their own. 
  2. It has logical principles. Some of the concepts are based on Science. Students require extra help in such subjects. 
  3. Without a good geography tutor from Ziyyara or any other platform, geography will feel like a dull subject. 
  4. A good thing about tuition like Ziyyara’s online geography classes is that they create a schedule for you. Geography is a subject that requires proper planning and online education helps students in that respect.  

What you need to do for efficient self-preparation:

Although self-preparation is a risky method, it can be rewarding if the student does it in the proper manner. Ziyyara’s online geography tuition classes will make studying the subject easier for the students. But if they can’t get online tuition, here’s what they need to do to make their self-preparation effective:

  • Prepare a timetable and stick to it. 
  • Make revision notes. 
  • Try to understand the concepts instead of relying on memorizing. 
  • Divide the subject into different sections and prepare them in sets. 
  • Write down the important points of each topic. 
  • Time your progress regularly.

Ziyyara’s geography online tuition classes make these difficult points look easier. Geography is a difficult subject and requires external assistance. If you have the resources to get online geography tuition, then you should go for it. 

Here’s why self-preparation doesn’t work for Geography:

  1. Without a good online geography tutor, students will have a hard time covering all the important topics. 
  2. Ziyyara’s expert tutors make Geography seem interesting. It becomes easier for students to study the subject for more extended periods. 
  3. Self-preparation means that if you have any doubts, you have to look for solutions yourself. Sometimes, you may not be able to find the answers on your own.


While self-preparation is something that students can rely on as a last resort, online tuition should be their priority. Now that there are so many online platforms like Ziyyara that are producing good results, parents can make effective investments. 


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