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How To Select The Best Yoga Teacher Training ?

Yoga is a practice that can change lives. It helps you to heal, transmute and instigate the masses.

It does not matter whether you have been practicing Yoga for months or years, or you are a beginner, the thought of being a certified yoga teacher might have sometimes come to your mind.

With a huge number of people becoming trained and authentic yoga teachers, it is not really a surprise to be curious about what it actually entails.

Suppose you are thinking of deepening your own Yoga practice or deepening your knowledge of yogic philosophy or have a solid aspiration to teach others. In that case, yoga teacher training is something for you.

With the invasion of training provided across the world, selecting training is a daunting task. But as this is a serious investment, it needs watchful consideration and string research before enrollment.

You need to find the best teacher training course to be an efficient yoga instructor.

The postures, the traditions, principles and postures, there is plenty of training to select from all over the world. With so many options, it can be really a difficult task to choose the best yoga teacher training in India.

Here is a small guide to assist you in your search to discover that crucial life-altering experience.

The curriculum you are looking for: The training structure must match your overall interest. The study must include a proper balance of time in anatomy, yoga philosophy, teaching practice and asana. Teachers will also put focus on teaching some extra subject matters. This makes the focus, of course.

Then there is the yoga style for considering. One of the best ideas is to initiate by seeing what classes you are getting drawn into and what actually interests you about them. Is it the instructor, the style, or the yoga philosophy that fascinates you?

The yoga style you need to focus on: Most people choose their first yoga teacher training in a style that they practice most and are also comfortable with. But that does not imply that it should remain in that way always. Exploring also rewards you.

If you like the flow, then Vinyasa or Astanga can be your choice, and if you enjoy relaxing, you can explore Nidra, restorative or Yin.

One of the best ideas is exploring maximum yoga styles by attending several studios, teachers, and classes. It offers you the best feel of all various types and approaches.  Because there are always more than one style and several styles mixed into the practice classes.

Try to remain true to yourself and select the style that you genuinely love.

Which course is right for you? There are 200-hour courses and also 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh courses. When you complete both in a registered school, you become eligible for a 500-hour course. Most of the yoga studios require you to complete a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh or any other place to start teaching.

Few questions to ask The yoga School:

  • About the experience of the teachers: How long the teachers have been teaching? How their personalities are? What is their teaching philosophy? And yes, do not forget to ask about the style of the yoga teaching practice.
  • By attending some of their classes or even workshops, you can obtain an idea of their teaching style. The energy they bring in for their students ensures they make a good fit for you people. The reviews of the previous graduate can be of great benefit.
  • The cost: Compared to the west, you can find yoga teacher training in India cheaper. Before you make a commitment, you should know what the total cost includes. Like accommodation, whether it is shared or private. Food, excursions, etc. Then inquiry about the textbooks you need to carry and their cost.

Then there is travel cost which changes drastically based on the time of the year.

  • Where to attend? Do you wish to learn Yoga near your home, or the thought of getting out from your daily environment attracts you? Yes, you will get endless options, and you can check various curriculum content and needs.

The place with the maximum range of courses is in India, also called the true home of Yoga. You can submerge yourself in a divine journey of practice and deep learning.

  • Ask if the course Yoga alliance certified. Yoga Alliance is a non-profit organization that will represent the global standards of all yoga teachers and certifications. To be a registered yoga teacher, students should participate in teacher training programs with that school that is registered with the organization. This makes sure the training and teaching experience meets the standard prescribed by Yoga Alliance standards. It enhances your credibility.
  • How many students will attend? To obtain the correct amount of teaching attention, it’s essential to receive the proper training. It is worth knowing how many students will be there in a class. Best is a medium-sized class. In this way, you receive all the benefits of teaching a group and the correct number of people to generate motivating and enlightening energy and input in classes and workshops.
  • How long will the class also last? Training can last from one-month intensives to being spaced out for more than six months or even years of some weekends. It is vital to take into consideration the existing commitments and work out what is best for you. It allows you to enjoy the whole experience.

Practice and then study: Maximum people benefit by choosing a well-planned training program balanced between classes, reading up, and workshops. It depends on the yoga style also. Look for a course that maintains a balance and offers you that which you are looking for. A good amount of time on the yoga mat for practicing teaching is good.

Some other essential things to consider:

  • Ask for the reviews: This is one of the best things you can do while searching for India’s best yoga teacher training. Go through the previous student’s reviews and also speak to them. You can choose to go by the referrals of your yogic friends.

It is essential to know how reputed the school is? You should look for that school that has given training on many things and is associated with the world of yoga alliance certification.

  • Last but not the least, what is your ultimate goal?

What are your hopes to get by attending this training? Are you interested in being a yoga teacher to strengthen your own practice or to have an awe-inspiring holiday? Ask every question that comes to your mind and as many as you like.

It is one of the most extensive adventurous journeys for you, and do not get afraid to ask anything. Do extensive research of all possible training possible that is right for you. From the conversation you will have with them, you can feel the vibe and the approach.

If you are finding yourself traveling in a path of Yoga, then there is a high chance that your 100 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh can be precisely the same thing, first among several.

Dive in, relish and identify that this is the beginning of your journey. Many layers and experiences are waiting for you. Yoga training is delightfully addictive.

Enjoy the biggest adventure of your yogic life!

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