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How to Eliminate Streaks or Haze from a Glass Dining Table

Glass Table Without FrameworkGlass Table with Metal FrameworkGlass Table with Wood FrameworkAdditional Tips and Suggestions Jeannie asked: Just how do I get rid of streaks or haze from a glass dining table (beneath and over)? I can clean the top without any problem, no hazes, yet the bottom appears to be hazy. I utilize Windex and clean paper towels on top, yet the bottom continues to be hazy. Can you suggest a more powerful or better cleaner, or way to clean this table? This table is used day-to-day considering that it remains in a kitchen location. The table is of premium quality, but cleaning the glass is irritating.


One difficulty of cleaning glass top dining tables is the various other products your cleaner might come in contact with. A cleaner that’s risk-free for glass might damage wood or metal framework, as well as thoroughly cleaning the glass top without getting in touch with an additional material could be tiresome. Here are three techniques you can make use of, each with a cleaner that is optimal for the framework and can work well to clean the glass.

Glass Table Without Framework

If the framework isn’t an issue for your table, after that you can make use of a cleaner that will make your glass sparkle comparable to any type of window. We have actually performed a complete screening to identify the best homemade glass cleaner, which is listed below. If you wish to acquire a glass cleaner, we likewise have an extensive guide on 12 Natural Glass Cleaners that consists of a range of performance tests.

Actions to Clean the Table:

The natural remedy testing we provided for glass discovered that the very best cleaners are alcohol-based. Specifically, the Do It Yourself Citrus Alcohol cleaner executed the very best general, so if you want to make that cleaner, here is the guide. It takes two weeks to high the citrus peels off in the container of alcohol though, so in the meantime, making use of plain alcohol can work.

Spray or put some alcohol on the table. It is best to utilize isopropyl alcohol as massaging alcohol includes dyes as well as various other chemicals.

Glass Dining Table

Clean down the table with a piece of paper. Just like home windows, paper works particularly well for cleaning glass. Do not make use of paper towels, which are likely to produce a lot of dust you will then need to eliminate also. A soft towel can be made use of if liked.

To clean the bottom of the table, wet a piece of newspaper or a towel with the alcohol as well as clean it clean. Be sure to wring out the cloth first so it’s just moist, not dripping onto the floor listed below. If the table is large and also you do not intend to rest below it while cleaning, wrap the cloth around a long item like a broom manager or lawn stick and also utilize a solid tape like air duct tape to hold it in position. Glass Table with Steel Structure. The following method is guaranteed to make your glass glimmer and also provides a great polish to steel also. Glass Dining Table

You Will Certainly Need:

  • Bar Keepers Pal.
  • Water, preferably distilled.
  • Sponge.
  • Paper towels.
  • Lint-free towel.

Actions to Eliminate the Streaks:

Damp the sponge with water. Wring it out, then clean down the surface to be cleansed to moisten it. If the location is large, operate in smaller-sized sections.

Sprinkle Bar Keepers Close friend powder over the damp surface area. If you’re doing the underside of a table, apply Bar Keepers Buddy directly to the damp sponge, after that use it to wipe the pre-moistened glass. Utilize the very same sponge to “wash” the glass with the wet powder. Clean the glass dry with paper towels.

Polish with a lint-free towel or chamois towel.

Actions to clean the Glass:

Mix one component of white vinegar with 2 components of water in a spray bottle. If you don’t have white vinegar, apple cider vinegar can be utilized rather.

Spray the table with the cleaner. Although this cleaner is extra risk-free for wood than others, it still is a liquid as well as liquids are an adversary of wood, so not permit the cleaner to soak on the wood for a long period of time.

Clean down the table with a soft fabric. Make certain the wood is fully dried out with the cloth. Glass Dining Table

Extra Tips and Suggestions.

Bar Keepers Buddy will certainly not hurt the wood, but in time it can bleach it. Bar Keepers Friend is available in the cleaning aisle of many grocery stores. Water from the tap often contains minerals as well as various other things that can trigger a streaked or hazy look on glass, so it is always best to make use of distilled water when cleaning items that you intend to sparkle. Glass Dining Table

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