Become A Proactive Learner

What is Learning?

It is a continuous and systematic process that helps you to change the learner’s behavior by improving the already existing skills which are developed and further polished due to experiences that can be direct or indirect in nature. But one should always keep in mind that just learning doesn’t help you to improve and develop if the efforts are not channelized in the right manner. Now, you may read in an active way or in a passive way.

Understanding Active and passive reading.

Active reading can be simply understood as an effort of understanding and evaluating by simply reading something over a number of times. This method is really not advisable as it consumes a lot of time and energy of the learner due to which it may not yield positive and desired results. Now in passive reading, you should solely rely on the directions, instructions, and information that will be given to you by the instructor. Here, you look for different ways and methods to increase your involvement in the very process of learning. In short, one should just have to follow the instructions and the information provided to you irrespectively whether it’s given verbally or in writing. This form of reading is more advisable as it is less time-consuming, less energy-consuming, and is more efficient than active learning where you simply get included in the process of studying wholly with any proper direction.

So the question arises, why proactive reading?

Though passive reading is advisable, it actually doesn’t allow the learner to gain something more than what is required thereby imposing an imaginary constraint on the very capacity of the human brain. When you read actively, you include pre-reading and post-reading activities a number of times and making notes as per the convenience of the reader. Proactive reading too follows somewhat the same kind of process as that of active reading, but here the process should be followed consistently where you are prioritizing active reading on a daily and regular basis. You make routines and schedules in your day-to-day routine to read, and may also note down your reading pattern to work on it more efficiently. so prioritize it to such an extent that the process itself becomes pretty natural which will in return help you to be a step ahead in your game.

You got a problem? Well, we got the solution.

It is really hard to follow such a routine and on top of that be loyal and consistent in following the routine if you are an extremely busy individual which is normally the case. You find it hard to find time to read to your heart’s content mainly because of the problem of proper time management. You simply run out of time and energy. Hence, it is very important to develop a strategy that helps you to read efficiently, consistently, and as much as you want. Getting enrolled in such English speaking courses will give you proper guidance along with teaching you-

  • How to set up your reading strategy and system which helps you to read as much as you want without shifting you away from your important day-to-day work.
  • Importance of such strategies which support and enhances your reading habits.
  • How to increase the amount that you read on a daily basis.
  • Few speed-reading tricks will help you read more efficiently.
  • Other useful directions and tips will help you to be a good and fast reader.

Therefore, it is highly advisable to get into an English speaking course. Such a fluent English speaking course will help you to develop a strategy and guide you for reading more.

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