Glasses or Contact Lenses – Which of them are Better for Your Eyes?

There is a constant debate regarding the use of contact lenses. Many people believe that using contact lenses increases the risk of developing an eye infection. How many of you have experienced such a situation? The damage caused to your eye is not because of contact lenses. The way you treat your eyes plays a vital role in defining your eye condition.

There are excellent brands in the market, such as the Clariti contact lenses, which provide the mind-blowing quality of the product. You barely feel that you have put anything in your eye. Well, it can be an overwhelming decision for you or anyone else to choose between contact lenses and glasses. But after reading this post, you will undoubtedly gain some clarity and know what is right for you. So, without more delay, scroll down to learn something new.

Glasses or Contact Lenses?

A contact lens and a pair of glasses have the same use and purpose: to provide vision correction. You can’t compare one with another as they are equally good for solving vision problems. However, it is your personal choice and preference to pick out of the two depending on various factors like your lifestyle, comfort, activity level, budget, and more.

You don’t have to touch your eyes directly to place them with eyeglasses. Whereas, in the case of contact lenses, you need to touch the surface of your eye and the contact lens to place it at the proper position. Just like this one, there are slight differences that you’ll be learning about contacts and eyeglasses.

Why choose contact lenses?

If you’ve been wondering why you need contact lenses, you’ll find the below-mentioned points to help make a decision.

  • You don’t have to adjust contact lenses repeatedly while playing a game or dancing in a club.
  • Contact lenses don’t get affected by changes in weather conditions, and therefore they won’t collect fog and cause difficulty in having clear vision.
  • Contact lenses glide with the curvature of your eye. So, it provides a broader and better vision with less distortion.
  • You can wear some contact lenses overnight to correct conditions like myopia. Such lenses assist in improving vision the next day.
  • You can even experiment with colour contact lenses to give a different appearance to yourself.
  • Contact lens does cause any interruption between you and the object.

How are eyeglasses different from contact lenses?

Wearing eyeglasses is a choice that you need to make. Eyeglasses are certainly heavy compared to contact lenses and will also need adjustment to fit correctly according to the shape of your face. Glasses can control the amount of light entering your eye. Also, they are much cheaper compared to lenses and protect from environmental factors.


You can’t say which one better forms the two. Both eyeglasses and lenses solve the purpose of providing accurate vision. If you have to choose between any of them, you can pick whatever you like as far as you are comfortable.

If you choose contact lenses such as Clariti contact lenses, you have the choice to pick between hard and soft contact lenses. Hard contact lenses are actually more durable than soft ones. However, soft contact lenses are more comfortable to wear for long durations. You can take time to search and find a perfect pair of glasses or contact lenses as per your requirements.

A lot also depends on how your eye condition is. You should consult your ophthalmologist before you pick or make any choice if they give you the approval to wear lenses or stick to glasses.

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