Getting the Bigger and Better Clouds From Your Vape

One of the most exciting things about vaping is cloud-chasing, enjoying massive clouds, as well as flexing the muscles of your vape. However, there are a few important factors you need to consider when wanting to produce bigger and better clouds from your vape, as not everyone is able to do this.

In this article, we are going to give you tips on how to get bigger and thicker clouds from your vaping device.

Vaping Device

It is important to know that not every vape device is capable of producing thick clouds. If you are interested in “cloud-chasing”, you are recommended to look for a vaping device that will allow you to vape larger and better clouds. Therefore, you should look for vape devices with good airflow, as well as low-resistance coils.

Moreover, as the user becomes more experienced with vaping, they should look for more advanced devices (especially those with a vape mod) as they will favor both the experienced user and users who like to create massive clouds as well. Vape mods are commonly known as the best device for Sub-Ohm vaping, which is a vaping type that produces the biggest clouds because of the low resistance of the coil.

Tune Your Airflow

More airflow results in more cooling capacity and more vapor as well. The more air that gets over the coil, the lower it can keep the temperature. However, the temperature should be low enough to prevent the burning of the wick due to excessive power, or even insufficient airflow. This also results in a cool effect, which enhances the condensation process and results in bigger and better clouds. Today, there are numerous innovative vapes that are designed with extra air ducts in their atomizers, so that they result in better airflow and also result in more intense vapors.

Keep the Temperature Low

By keeping the temperature low, the risk of burning your wick minimizes as it keeps everything cooler, but also brings a fresh flow of air into the mix and encourages condensation of the vapor into bigger clouds.


When vaping, it’s not really “vapor” you are visibly exhaling. It is actually an “aerosol”, which is basically a mist of liquid droplets. In simple words, condensation is actually what a person will need for getting big clouds, as long as he/she has enough air to pull the condensed aerosol out of the chamber. 

The airflow over the vape’s coil cools down the vapor, and this makes it condense into liquid droplets. Therefore, the more airflow you have, the more condensation there will be. Thus, this will result in more visible “vapor” (i.e. aerosol). Moreover, the extra airflow is also able to “dilute” the vapor with more air, which has the effect of puffing it out.

The Device’s Power

The intensity of the clouds a vape produces greatly depends on the power of the device itself, in terms of voltage.

A high voltage means a better vaping experience, whereas you may have to struggle to produce thick clouds with a device that has a low voltage. Moreover, when increasing the device’s wattage (which is being supplied to the coil), you will also be increasing the amount of heat in the coil which is what basically creates more vapor from the e-liquid that has been soaked up by the wick. 

Due to this direct heat which is being increased, you will also need to increase the amount of airflow in order to prevent any overheating. In case you don’t increase the airflow as you increase the wattage, you will run the risk of the device overheating, and can even possibly burn your coil quicker. Therefore, when you start vaping, you should check the voltage of the vape, and increase it if needed. Moreover, you should beware of turning up the voltage too much as well.

Size and Material of the Vape Tank

The size and thickness of clouds are also important factors that go a long way in determining the size and material of the vape tank. A vape that has a bigger tank will allow you to vaporize a larger amount of e-juice, as compared to that of a smaller tank. Thus, the size of the vapor will comparatively be larger with bigger tanks. Glass or pyres are the ideal materials if one wants intense clouds.

Look for Low-Resistance Coil Build

The amount of vapor a vape can produce also depends on the vape’s coil. It also determines how quickly one can produce clouds. wholesale vape coils with low resistance make an ideal choice for individuals who want a hard-hitting experience. Even though coils with resistance above 1.0 ohms can blow thick clouds as well, you still need to assure that the wick will be able to withstand the heat.

Perfect Your Technique

Another important aspect when it comes to getting good clouds is the technique for inhaling and exhaling. Even if you have the best vaping device and products, you may still not be able to get the desired results unless you know the technique of producing big and thick clouds yourself. 

The mouth to lungs method is not recommended, as it dissipates vapor before it actually reaches the lungs. Rather, you should try to inhale fast and hard, directly to the lungs so that you can prevent dissipation, and form bigger and thicker clouds.

Choose Your E-Liquid

When you want to produce massive clouds, we recommend you go for vegetable glycerin. This is because vegetable glycerin is actually a thicker substance than propylene glycol, and thus, will produce thicker clouds. Moreover, if the ratio of PG to VG is higher, you will be able to produce much stronger flavors and a sharper throat hit, meaning that the exhaled clouds will be more discreet.

Moreover, when using an e-liquid with a 100% VG ratio and coupling that with a high wattage and increased airflow will give you the best chance of creating thicker and denser clouds.


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