The basic difference between CBD vape cartridge & Pod

Vaping is one of the most popular methods of consuming CBD. Many people are ceasing smoking and turning to vape because it is safer. Generally, vaping eliminates the combustion of dried cannabis plant material, which is part of the smoking process. Consequently, using a vaping device prevents you from inhaling toxic fumes.

CBD vape cartridge is the most popular device used for vaping CBD. However, CBD pods are also rising in popularity. The text below will help you identify the basic difference between a CBD vape cartridge and a pod.

What is a CBD vape cartridge?

CBD vape cartridges are slim disposable vape tanks that come prefilled with CBD oil. You need a compatible battery or vape pen to use a CBD vape cartridge. Currently, most CBD vape cartridges in the market are 510-threaded, meaning that you can connect them to standard 510-threaded batteries or vape pens to vape your CBD. However, some brands have resorted to using magnetic connection technology for their vape pens. Magnetic connections do not wear out.

What is a Pod?

A pod-based vaping system features a battery unit (rechargeable) and a pod that can be refilled, with CBD oil or any other vaping concentrate, and dropped into the battery unit when vaping.  Once the pod is empty, the user removes it and swaps it with another filled pod.

CBD vape cartridge vs pod; basic differences

A majority of CBD vape cartridges are disposable meaning that you should dispose of them after you exhaust the pre-filled CBD vape juice in them. They also come with charged batteries that are ready for use. These features make CBD vape cartridges ready for use on the go, which is convenient for many vaping enthusiasts. Conversely, pods are refillable devices, meaning that you can reuse them numerous times. This property of pods is convenient for some people.

CBD vape cartridges allow you to interchange batteries. You can use a single battery for two or more CBD vape cartridges especially if it is a rechargeable battery. Usually, you can not interchange batteries between many pods as they do not screw into the battery.  Each pod is compatible with a specific battery into which it will just click right when attached. 

Compared to vape pens, pods are relatively a new addition to the vaping industry. Nevertheless, these devices have amassed huge popularity in a very short period.

CBD vape cartridge vs pod: which of the two devices is better?

As long as you are buying from a high-quality/ reputable manufacturer or brand, both CBD vape cartridges offer strong benefits. In general, none of the two devices is superior to the other. Your choice between a CBD vape cartridge and a pod should depend on your needs.

Both CBD cartridges are convenient options. They are portable and user-friendly.  Furthermore, CBD vape cartridges and pods are battery-operated and held devices meaning that you can carry them anywhere. 

Unlike other vaping devices, both CBD vape cartridges and pods do not require priming of wicks or swapping of coils. Furthermore, with pre-filled CBD vape cartridges and closed, you do not have to refill the tanks on yourself. All these properties make it easy to either a CBD vape cartridge or a pod.

CBD vape cartridges are built to offer more convenience, while the design of pods is geared towards offering more durability. Disposable CBD vape cartridges are the most convenient vape cartridges. They neither require much maintenance nor cleaning and are ready for use immediately after purchase. On the other hand, pods use larger tanks that are easy to replace. This feature enables you to keep vaping from a single pod for an extended period. Furthermore, pods utilize larger and powerful batteries that last longer. 

CBD vape cartridge vs pod; which of the two devices is more ideal for people who need to quit smoking?

Recent studies show that CBD oil can help people quit smoking completely. Vaping  CBD oil can help reduce cravings & smoking cues and alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Consequently, cannabis vaporizers are popular devices among many people who want to quit smoking.

Bothe CBD vape cartridges and pods are appropriate for people who want to transition from smoking to vaping. However, most people prefer CBD vape cartridges and the best dab pen because their shape, size, weight, and handling are more similar to a normal cigarette than a pod.


Despite being used to vaporize cannabis concentrate, CBD vape cartridges and pods are different devices that can be convenient for any vaping enthusiast. Fortunately, you now know the basic difference between a CBD vape cartridge and a pod.


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