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Climate Change Can We Abandon Old Car At Once

The old car or present generation of cars is all powered by fossil fuels. It is an established fact that the burning of fossil fuels produces carbon dioxide gas. This gas is very harmful to the environment as it causes global warming. What this does is that it causes the temperature of the earth’s surface to heat up. We then experience the drastic consequences of climate change.

They include more intense summers, harsh winters and other repeated natural disasters like thunderstorms, hurricanes, cyclones, snow storms, blizzards and tornadoes. These consequences are only the tip of the iceberg. More disastrous and horrific consequences can follow if the carbon emissions are not stopped.

The most potent way to stop these harmful carbon emissions is the use of electric cars. These do not produce any emissions and are clean. They also have many latest features which attract people towards them. Many electric cars now come with the driverless feature, which allows extreme comfort and privacy of the passengers.

As intriguing and amazing these features may seem, they are not free of drawbacks. The electric cars are not developed to the extent that they would be able to replace the old fossil fuels powered cars. The question now arises that with the rapid pace of the development of the electric car industry, is it possible to abandon our existing fossil fuel powered cars at once? Also, should we stop buying old car altogether?

Let us explore the answer to this question further down the article.

The Old Industry Is a Giant and the New One Still a Dwarf

It is true that the electric car industry is developing at a rapid pace and it is the most likely option that will constitute the transport of the future. Although this fact is true,, it itself says that it will constitute the transport of the future, and that future is still adequately far. The electric car industry is still not established.

There are a number of other constraints which hinder the taking over of the electric car industry. Electricity, plastic pollution, inefficiency, etc. are all the factors that still need a significant degree of development. Many large companies have now started to invest in this sector now, but this will still take time.

After the solution of the problems is found, it will still be a long road to go before seeing the total transport become electric. The old car industry is very huge and the number of fossil fuel-powered cars that exist is still nowhere near to be compared to the number of new electric cars that have been manufactured to date.

The number of fossil fuel-powered cars that is in operation throughout the world is so huge, that it would still take years to make enough old car just to match their number. Let alone the idea of replacing them. The old car industry is very huge and there are also a number of technical difficulties that don’t allow for the replacement of the existing cars.


The Economy Won’t Be Able to Handle It

The world economy is dependent on the trade that goes on between various countries. The coronavirus pandemic has already left the world economy severely affected. The restrictions have deterred the smooth trade operations. The automotive industry constitutes a major portion of the world trade. This industry is still hugely composed of fossil fuels powered cars.

Another major portion of the world trade comprises the old car industry. Used cars exporters japan is a major contributor to the world trade. Since we need the economy to live our lives in a smooth peaceful environment, we have to make sure that the world economy is healthy. All the present resources are more supportive of the old, fossil fuel powered cars industry.

The electric car industry is evolving at a rapid pace, but there is still a considerable amount of time left for this industry to grow big enough to be supportive of the economy and to have the economy dependent on it. This is a slow and gradual process which involves at first the replacement of whole infrastructure and then replacement of the cars owned by the end user.

Abandoning At Once Will Be Insanely Costly

The replacement of anything with a new one is always a costly procedure. Be it a old car or any other thing. The bigger challenge is when we have to replace a certain thing which is already an essential part of our lives and is fulfilling its purpose. It is efficient and we have already spent a huge amount of our earnings on it.

This is a difficult procedure for replacing any single item for a single person. Imagine having the majority of the population to incur loss on their hard earned money. This not only involves the consumers, but it also involves the producers. The producers, which is a huge industry will incur serious losses if this happens.

The solution to this is to slowly and gradually adapt to the change. The rapid pace at which the electric car industry is growing, will enable all the consumers to be able to replace their cars with the greener alternatives. We will be seeing in the near future that the majority of the fossil fuel powered car industry will switch to making electric cars and will benefit themselves and their consumers also.

The Approach is Impractical

Abandoning fossil fuel powered cars all at once will be totally impractical and an insanely wasteful process. This process is to be carried out slowly and gradually. Each and every car that has been produced and is in use has utilized numerous precious resources for its production. The facilities that have produced those old car have also been set up at the cost of precious natural resources.

Immediately replacing them will mean the wastage of all those natural resources and money involved. No one with a sane mind will be in favor of this process.

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