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What cushions to put on a red sofa: ideas and advice.

Betting on red when choosing your sofa shows a very marked personal style. You must consider the cushions for decorating the red sofa and the living room: colour range and style.

Combining a red sofa with textiles and surfaces can be quite a challenge, but let’s go step by step from small to big. If you are wondering what the colour of the cushions for a red sofa should be like, you have come to the right place.

Red sofas favour the creation of spaces with their character and personality. They transmit joy and optimism to the room and great vitality.

Since the red sofa will have a leading role on its own, we will have to balance the strength of this colour with the help of the appropriate textures, designs and shades in the cushions.


When considering combining red sofa cushions, we recommend following the following tips to achieve a harmonious and balanced result.

If the cushions have patterns, go for neutrals: lines, squares, circles, stripes… If your cushion cover shows any of these designs, we recommend that, unless they are in muted tones, go for white, black or greys, as they help offset the intensity of red.

Guide yourself by the rest of the colours in the room: as we mentioned at the beginning, each element in your room is part of a whole. For this reason, the cushions are also a fundamental part of the style and the colour palette we are defining. You can opt for complementary colours or make a safe bet with neutrals.

Combine the size of the cushions: if you opt for plain cushions in neutral tones, which will allow you to balance the power of the red colour, you can include cushions of different sizes to create dynamism. The key to staying within the number of cushions is to count the seats on the sofa and add two more cushions. If your sofa has four seats, it includes six cushions.

Once we have considered these tips, we give you a few ideas to inspire you and decorate your red sofa with the best possible colour combination.


Here we have a clear example of using cushions with patterns on a red sofa, and the result is manageable.

In fact, the use of neutrals is fully justified in a living room with a red sofa and an entire wall in this colour. For this reason, surfaces, such as the floor, elements such as the lamp or the tables, and textiles, look black, white and grey.

Likewise, a plant has been included, whose green colour is a fascinating counterpoint, belonging to the cold range of the chromatic circle. Also, green and red are complementary, so they look so good together.


If we do not want to fail, including some cushions in the exact colour of the sofa is a safe bet for harmony.

In this case, and since we are dealing with a red sofa, we will need well-lit spaces. Otherwise, we will obtain a result that is too intense. Since they are the same colour, sofa and cushions, a visual effect is generated by which we will have the sensation that it is more extensive and more voluminous than it really is.

If you opt for this combination, use neutrals for the remaining elements.


Indeed the most appreciated combination of red sofa cushions by all. Regardless of the grey scale, this colour looks great with a red sofa.

In the same way, a grey sofa with red cushions is the most common combination since they are colours that reinforce and balance each other, resulting in an elegant and harmonious sofa.

You can combine various shades of grey in the cushions to add dynamism. Take advantage of the versatility of grey and unleash your most creative side.


Emerald colour is in fashion. We see it on walls, furniture and, of course, textiles. It is a tonality that transmits serenity and freshness, which is why it is sweeping the interior design trends.

In combination with red, it has a surprising result. The velvety texture also plays an essential role in creating the desired effect. In this case, the evocation of a refined and luxurious environment has been pursued, using gold in elements such as the coffee table, the lamp or the mirror.


Would you have imagined this colour combination? The truth is that it is an unusual mix of shades that… is sweeping!

This combination evokes the winter months, mainly if we use its darker shade. If you dare with this combination, forget the patterns or designs, and bet on smooth finishes.

The reason why these two colours combine is that purple has red in its composition. However, you must carefully balance the tones since they are two solid and marked colours.


This last idea we propose will be valid depending on the shade of red. In the image, you can see how the chosen red hue is not the brightest of this colour. It is closer to earth colours.

We are facing tile red, one of the most widely used tones today, as it helps to create thoroughly contemporary and welcoming spaces.

The tile colour assimilates chromatic contrasts very well; therefore, despite being a colour belonging to the warm range, it combines wonderfully with blues and greens.

In addition, it is a hue that stands out enormously when accompanied by bright colours, such as white, which you can reserve for surfaces and make your sofa shine with its light.


Did you know that the cushions you choose will significantly influence the aesthetics of your sofa? You should not only see them as a complement that gives us the comfort we seek when spending hours and hours lying on our sofa. Some factors around you will help create that environment of visual harmony that, in perfect conjunction, will create our relaxation space.

What are we talking about? Undoubtedly, the sofa cushions will help make it look like a magazine cover.

No, to “dress” our sofa, nothing is worth anything. We must discard the idea that any cushion is worth it and enough to be comfortable. Ultimately, we turn this critical piece of furniture in our living room into an amalgamation of meaningless cushions that can even make this room in our house ugly.

If you know how to combine the clothes you wear every day, why not know how to combine the sofa cushions?

It is a much easier than you think, and you should spend less money choosing cushions. You must consider knowing how to choose the appropriate cushions, combine them, place them and help with them, to revalue the aesthetics of your sofa and, by extension, its appearance.

Let’s go to practice. With these tips and a lot of creativity, you will give freshness and, above all, a fun change of scenery to the sofa that will flood your living room with joy:

Avoid cushions with too many colours. If you want to combine the sofa cushions so that they look good, you should choose at most two colours per cushion. Even if you think it’s pretty or the same degraded tonality. Believe us; the result is not only fashionable but also, in the long run, you will surely get tired of seeing them.

Do not abuse the stripes. We love stripes, of course. Striped cushions can look great, but beware! Do not abuse them or choose cushions with repeated stripes without any criteria throughout the cushion. Stripes can indeed create beautiful geometric shapes, but only if they maintain a certain logic in the design.

Smooth and patterned cushions. You do not have to opt only for plain cushions for your sofa; you can also complement them with other floral or geometric shapes. Of course, here is a piece of advice:

  1. Never combine cushions with floral designs with others with geometric figures.
  2. With plain or mono-colour cushions, choose one of the two designs, but only one.
  3. Remember that in decoration, flowers and stripes could be better.

Minimalist prints. Prints on your sofa? Of course! But you already know that “less is more”. But go within a reasonable distance: opting for cushions that are too large and strident can be somewhat coarse, while opting for those with finer, minimalist and small patterns will endow the king of the room with elegance.

Be careful with the shapes! You may have a rectangular cushion designed above all to relieve tension in your lower back, and nothing happens. But try that when combining the cushions of your sofa. These shapes are similar; they should be square rather than geometric or round.

Yes to fringes and tassels . Everything is in its proper measure. Returning to “less is more”, decide on cushions to combine your sofa with small fringes on all or some of its sides or pretty tassels that give your sofa a bourgeois feel.

With a good combination of cushions, you can change the room’s look without making a significant investment.

How is the decoration of your living room?

Your tastes should always come. First, that’s what your home is for. But the truth is that if you want to give a nice touch to the most used room in the house. You should consider florya eskort the colour of the sofa itself and the colour of the walls.

Minimalist style: light sofas and white walls. Making a pampered selection of cushions of various textures. Sizes that play with the different shades of grey or white that exist. Such as ivory, pearl or sand are just some of the sophisticated options.

Patterned wallpaper and dark sofas. This type of space allows you to extend the style of the walls to other room elements. The options skyrocket, but if you take these premises into account. It will be more straightforward: if you choose velvet. If you opt for the thread, you will give an exciting touch of glamour to the room. You will get a more rustic essence, and yet. Due to the beautiful floral prints, romanticism and relaxation will be perceived in the environment.

Dark walls and grey sofa. Whether they are dark blue walls or even earth tones. There is no room for doubt: the black cushion is the only one that will make your sofa stand out. Also, being in tune with all the decorations more design is available at Imperial Rooms.

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