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Arrange Furniture in the bedroom with Luxury Headboards

Luxury Headboards feel the need to combine different pieces of furniture in the bedroom and do not know how to choose them to get a balanced, cohesive and interesting look? That is true the ready bedrooms make the process easier,beacause if you make to design your furniture sets and interior design make it problem and its process take all the year.

Its all about your bedroom because you spend 10,000 days of life in this bedroom. You have no reason to compromise on it. Why settle for a setting that doesn’t represent you or that, even worse,

You don’t even particularly like?

Why not enjoy a bedroom that reflects your personality, when it ‘s so easy to combine disparate pieces of furniture into one arrangement to your taste ?

It is fashionable to do mix & match when arranging the bedroom and, in fact, any other room, you just have to know how to fit different individual pieces of furniture, how to connect styles, if you can incorporate wood of different shades in the same room and so on. far away. We show you how to combine a bed, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers and some bedside tables with different designs, and you follow your creative flair and arrange the most beautiful bedroom. Agree?

How do you start a mix and match arrangement in the bedroom?

It is very easy to combine to pieces of furniture. You just have to practice before to arranging the bedroom to mix and match the method. You can start by replacing a single piece in the bedroom set , whether it’s Luxury Headboards tables, wardrobe, dresser or bed. In fact, if the only thing you don’t like about your bed is the look, which is very comfortable, you better just replace the old board with an upholstered one, with a quilted look, for example, in a color that contrasts nicely. with the rest of the furniture.

When choosing the new piece of bedroom furniture,

think that you will have to coordinate it with the other elements. How do you do that? With the help of a connecting element – material, finish, hardware, color or style.

Maybe you don’t like the dresser – it’s not well compartmentalized or it’s too high – and you want to replace it, and all the furniture in the bedroom is a set of white solid pine wood with chrome buttons and handles. If you want to add a chest of drawers made of another material – iron with an antique look, for example – it is good to incorporate another element that will make the transition from one material to another, such as a wall mirror with a wooden and metal frame. .

If you have just moved into a new house or are renovating your Luxury Headboards and you want to replace old furniture with individual pieces, start with the element of inspiration or the one you can’t do without – the wardrobe inherited from your grandparents, the dresser bought at a fair antiques or the bed with three large storage drawers – and build the decor from it. This way it will be easier for you to apply the mix & match technique (because you have a safe starting point), and the final look will be cohesive.

Rules for combining different pieces of furniture

When integrating a piece of furniture in a different color than the rest, try to coordinate it with other components of the decor, such as curtains, carpet or decorative pillows. A bed with powder pink upholstery fits in a bedroom with white furniture, if you opt for a curtain or a rug with a print in which there is a drop of powder pink.

To combine wooden furniture in several shades, first identify the dominant shade (it is either that of the parquet, or of the largest piece in the bedroom, probably the dresser) and its tone (warm or cold). To create continuity in the room by incorporating wooden furniture in different colors, the tone must be the same.

When you combine different styles of furniture, the contrast will be quite strong. Calm it down by keeping the same color or the same hardware. A modern bed with a wenge wooden frame looks good next to a baroque style dressing table in the same wenge shade.

Look for an anchor piece.

Its role is to make the connection between the pieces of furniture from different materials or in colors that do not seem to harmonize too well. For example, a wooden and iron bedside table “anchors” a metal chest of drawers and a wooden dresser, just as a wooden chest of drawers in two colors, white and light brown, “anchors” a white MDF wardrobe and some Luxury Headboards tables. made of natural looking wood.

The secret of the mix & match technique in interior design lies in the “friendship” of the different pieces – they must have something in common for an arrangement to work. Keep an eye on the connecting elements, make sure that, where the differences are too great, there is an intermediate object (anchor piece) that balances the appearance and, ultimately, coordinates the unusual color of a piece of furniture with the fabrics. from the room.

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