5 Tips to Motivate Your Child to Get the Most Out of Study Time

These are challenging times, and getting children to sit and study has become even more challenging. Many a times, you do not know if they are playing, watching a video, discussing studies with peers or attending a class. There are some ways improve your children study time.

Do not worry! We at Sri Prakash Synergy school, best school with good faculty in Andhra Pradesh, true to our motto of Indian roots, International standards have put together a list of five easy tips you can imbibe to motivate your ward to make the best of their study time. We understand that the internet is a distracting space, and when the classroom has shifted online, it is tempting not to study and do something else. So, how do you actually ensure that your work gets completed on time, and you engage well in the learning process? Lets find out

· Respect your child’s relationship with the digital space

The way ahead is digital everything. Pandemic or not, we will be encountering more of everything online, including assignments, quizzes and homework. We need to come to terms with the digital relationship the child shares with their device. Are they old enough to have a social media account? How much time are they spending on games or YouTube? What is the content that they are consuming? Is it relevant to their learning or contributing in any way to what you would like them to know? Ask yourself these questions and make note of them. Any child, even as young as in grade 3 will understand if they are spoken to in the right way.

Have a healthy conversation, and build a connection with them. When you understand what they are doing in their digital world and get involved in it, they will be happy to let you in. You can keep a check (not excessive control please) and avoid harmful side effects of excessive online presence this way.

· Appreciate, Inspire and stay involved

Appreciate your child whenever necessary. Make them feel appreciated and more importantly make them feel proud of themselves. Show the same appreciation when he get an A+ and the same when he gets the sword of the Dragon King in his computer game. This will build a strong growth mindset, and aid in confidence. It also builds a lot of trust between a parent and the child. This is a key factor in letting them know you are their ally. Encourage them to never give up, celebrate small things. When there is a deep sense of trust, they automatically do things constructively without you forcing them to study or do assignments.

· Do things together – study, play and learn

Help you child build a study plan. Consult with the school and discuss how you can do your best in aiding the child learn. As parents, we are not teachers or educational experts, and yet we play a crucial role in the child’s learning process.

At SPSS, the best international school in Andhra Pradesh, we believe in a stakeholder relationship – where the student, school, parent and teacher are all stakeholders in the process of learning. Everyone has their role to play.

During the pandemic we encouraged parents to help the child assimilate better through guided learning, and create the missing classroom environment.

Take the student’s opinion on what they think would be the right time to study, how long do they think is enough screen time and work out a midway. Students like it when they are challenged, and when they give a commitment and live up to it. So chances are when you are the person they trust, they will stick up to the study time they have committed to.

Also build a nice study area where they feel in the atmosphere to study

· Ask the right questions

Studying often feels like something that has to be done as a chore, as an obligation. Give the student options that they can choose from to stop making study a chore. Like, “Do you want to watch a lecture, or finish your language assignment?” Is way better than saying now it is time for you sit an do one hour Hindi. This is also a good approach to self-motivate the child. In no time, the student will get used to and draft their own time table and stick to it.

· Show them that learning can be fun

Show them that learning can be so much fun through interactive games, fun quizzes and virtual field trips and hands-on learning. Connecting things, for instance recalling science or math concepts while you watch a movie is a great idea. It inspires them to explore, and tells them that learning is not a chore but a fun filled journey.

Tell your child about inspired models and stories that could inspire them to do better in school. Not to mention, spend some time together reading a novel or newspaper with your child. Reading is learning, and that can inspire your child to learn and thus, lead to your child to study better.

Remember learning can be a beautiful process when we do things together. Follow some simple guidelines and help your child stay motivated to study!

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