5 easy ways to help your child fall in love with science subject

Science is a super interesting subject. In India, CBSE introduces the subject as environmental studies in the primary school and it diversifies into physics, chemistry and biology in higher classes. If not taught the right way, science can not only get confusing but the student may even develop a hatred for the subject.

This is because they may not relate to the subject or find it too difficult to comprehend. Science as taught by SPSS, best CBSC School in Andhra Pradesh is a fun, relatable and conceptual approach. Every child in SPSS understands that learning is a fun activity while also getting outstanding marks. Keeping up with SPSS’s motto, Indian roots and International standards, we bring to you some fun ways that can help your child fall in love with science – for tomorrow’s Einsteins and Ramanujams – here you go:

Explore the world together

Encourage your child to ask questions. And remember you do not even have to answer all of them yourself. Make it a point to write down any question, no matter how silly it seems, including what is the difference between a dishwasher and a clothes detergent? And set ten to fifteen minutes a day to ask Google!

This is a natural course of learning. Imbibe curiosity in your child – this is the first step to anything and everything science. In the fifteen minute science bulletin, ask google questions of the day and seek answers together.

This will develop a bond, and also a great learning partnership.

Encourage fun experiments and activities:

Remember that science requires time – lots of it. That and right questions. The answers will follow. Do simple activities together like planting trees and watching it grow, observing the water cycle and changing seasons, or even how the pressure cooker works. This makes it easier to teach underlying concepts and logic, since they relate to what is happening better and faster. Your kitchen is a science lab, and your home can be a research center – children learn important science and math skills through experiential learning in the formative years of their lives.

Science all around us:

science subject

At SPSS, we believe in a strong foundation. So before joining the top IIT/NEET/EAMCET college in Andhra Pradesh, we encourage children to explore, understand and build strong foundational skills. Something as simple as boiling an egg could teach a child important concepts in physics and chemistry. A walk in the morning along your favorite trail could help discover photosynthesis, ecology and some species of toads on the same day. Science is all around us, and all you have to do is get involved in discovering the world together with children.

Making science relevant:

Identifying science in everyday activities is a fun way to introduce children to the world of curiosity and science. Encourage children to learn and solve problems. When science is made relevant, it is more relatable and interesting. Encourage your child to ask questions about things around, and pique their interest.

Why must you switch off your device and sleep?

Because, sleep is important for brain development

Accolades as the best school in Vishakapatnam district, SPSS uses field trips, and day trips to the beach to explore and understand ecosystems, and the world around us to show it is all connected.

How does your body fight a cold?

When cold virus enters your body, the body’s white blood cells produce killer T Cells which help macrophages eat up the virus.

The applications of science are endless, and possibilities limitless!

Science Club and Games:

Get together children around and set up a small science club where you have a STEM based activity hour. Watch science documentaries or movies and later discuss them. It will show them that science is a continuous process. Handhold them into this wonderful world of scientific wonders through art and craft, math puzzles and experiments.

Lego could teach them structure, balances physics and creativity. Sandbox games like Minecraft could teach them math, physics and even an introduction to organic chemistry. Just connect their favorite activity to science and watch them get along.

There is only one golden rule when it comes to learning science. Science is easy and fun when it is made relatable and interesting. Be fearless in drawing conclusions, ask lots of questions and systematically set a path to problem solving. Invest time, and since we have access to information through the internet, the world is with us! SPSS wishes you all a very happy exploring!

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