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5 Mistakes to Avoid While Running a Google Smart Campaign

Have you ever tried to find why your Google Ads Smart Campaign is not working? Well, maybe you are making some mistakes. Let’s learn what they could be Hire a Dedicated Adwords Expert.

The popularity of PPC in the digital world is increasing like fire in the forest.

But if you don’t want to be involved in the complexities of ad campaigns and all, you can choose Google Ads Smart Campaigns. Without a doubt, it is one of the easiest ways to take a step in the world of PPC and digital marketing.

Moreover, if you are a small business owner who wants to figure out if Google Ads could work for your business, you can get started with it.

Well, these are the reasons why Smart Campaigns still have a place in Google Ads.

However, do you know what Google Smart Campaign is? What are its benefits? What are the common mistakes you need to avoid for significant benefits? Or who can reap the immense rewards from them? 

The guide covers important aspects you must know while running Smart Campaigns. 

Let’s walk through it all.

What are Google Ads Smart Campaigns?

To understand what Smart Campaigns are and their role in the Google Ads suite, let’s start from the beginning.

In 2021, to simplify the original, sophisticated platform into a more intuitive way to advertise with Google, Google itself released AdWords Express to the public.

Majorly, the idea was to automate and simplify everything. Because when you work on regular Google Ads, you have countless factors to control, like bidding to ad creation, keyword research, and plenty more. Even to run a single account to its maximum potential, it’s like a full-time job.

Above all, the overall Google Ads dashboard can be very overwhelming to a new user:

But that’s where Smart Campaigns come in as a rescue.

You only need to set up your account, build a single ad, choose your business’s category, fix your budget and that’s all!

You can keep an eye on keywords Google picked for you but won’t be able to change them (bidding or match type). You can select your targets and other necessary variables (primary advertising goals, ad schedule) but not much else.

It even demands less time of yours. 

Of course, as there are limited controllable, Google Smart Campaigns just ask for a few minutes of your time to optimize the essential keywords and data points provided by the platform. 

Benefits of Google Ads Smart Campaigns

Still, thinking, why choose Google Ads Smart Campaigns over regular ads? Check out the benefits:

  • Create an online ad quickly and easily.
  • Grab the attention of more and more customers to your website or Google Maps listing.
  • Google runs ads for you
  • Your minimal attention and time are necessary. 
  • You only need to pay when people click your ad.
  • Check the effectiveness of your ads in your dashboard
  • Approach customers on desktop computers and mobile devices.

Now we have seen what it is and what its benefits are. But even being so easy and effective, many people complain that they are not receiving enough results. 

Well, maybe you are making some mistakes? Let’s read some reasons why your smart campaign might not be working.  

5 Common Mistakes People Do While Running Google Smart Campaign

Here are a few problems several possible problems could be to blame.

  1. No Adequate Data
  2. Optimization of Keywords
  3. Conversion Tracking
  4. Budget
  5. Inactive or No Remarketing Tags

Let’s learn all in detail:

No Adequate Data

Having less data is one of the common mistakes people do! When you start Google Smart Campaigns, you need about 100 conversions on the Search network or 50 on the Display network. Keep in mind that your campaigns won’t deliver the desired results if you don’t provide Google with sufficient data.

Optimization of Keywords

Whenever you are setting up a campaign, make sure you find relevant keywords for your services. Also, don’t forget to regularly optimize the keywords on the basis of top-notch results.

Conversion Tracking

Make sure that to gather enough data, you must enable conversion tracking. The reason is, your conversion-based bidding strategies won’t work if it’s not enabled.


Budget is an essential factor in any kind of ad campaign. So ensure that you have a sufficient budget to run your campaign. Be mindful of setting your daily amount and monitoring it with a routine to ensure it isn’t running low.

Inactive or No Remarketing Tags

When setting Ads, you must check whether you have remarketing tags or if they are active or inactive. Due to inactive remarketing tags on your websites, Google Ads won’t be able to collect the data it requires to feed your campaigns.

Who Can Get Benefit Most from Google Ads Smart Campaigns?

Google Ads Smart Campaigns are designed for local businesses with a brick-and-mortar presence.

But, the group that can benefit the most from Smart Campaigns are:

Small business with local presence

Low advertising budget

No money for consultants/agencies

No marketing staff

The owner/staff is too busy to learn how to run standard Google Ads effectively.

In all, Smart Campaigns are for a small business with only a couple of employees. 

Also, if you are a business owner who wears multiple hats, running everything from finances, sales, marketing to deliverables, Smart Campaigns might be for you.

Hire Professionals Instead…

If you are interested in building up your PPC strategy and want to grow through ads, then you can go for Smart Campaigns.

It is not wrong that Google does all to run Smart Campaigns, but don’t forget, you need to optimize the budgets and keywords regularly to let it run at the best pace. 

Plus, you surely need the knowledge to earn the significant benefits. 

So, if you don’t have enough knowledge or time, you can Hire a Dedicated Adwords Expert for the same. Being experienced, she can help you make the most out of Smart Campaigns.

Good luck!

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