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5 Hacks to Master Your Digital Photo Archive

We don’t realize but mostly end up storing lots of photographs which we might not even need anymore, this leads to digital cluttering. People like fashion bloggers, designers, models, have lots of pictures stored in their devices, no matter if it’s a memory card, hard disks, cloud google, or whatever. And so they end up struggling to have unorganized photo storage where everything is scattered to different places. Later it becomes very inconvenient to handle everything. In this article, we will discuss some hacks you can do quickly to organize your digital photo archive. You may also need to clear all the unwanted photos, similar and duplicate images, but doing this with big folders can be very tiring and irritating, but with a Duplicate photo cleaner, you can clear images in no time. You can also use Quick finder to remove all duplicate images with a single scan and eliminate digital clutters. This also clears up precious space which will allow you to store only needed data and boosts system performance.  

First of all, you need to do this to gather all the files, images, data from every folder to one main folder. Places from where you can collect them would be memory cards, cell phones, hard disks, cloud storage, google photos or think of any sharing site you might have used.

This will help you properly organize Digital photo.

How do you end up storing duplicate images?

  • Same photo, totally different file name
  • Matching photos in several sizes
  • Go-to graphics with 3 totally different text treatments
  • Multiple photos shot in burst mode to get the most effective one
  • Raw and emended versions of identical images and Digital photo
  • Redownloading identical stock image to use once more when you are unable to find the previous one

Remove duplicate images-

after you create a primary folder, now it is important to first remove clutters, similar images, and what you no longer need. It hogs up a lot of space in your system making the PC run slow. But locating so many images and deleting them one by one can consume a lot of time and there can be some data left behind. To rather switch to the easy option and download Quick photo finder. This application is completely free and worth it. It comes with many features which let you organize your library and remove all junk.

  • Quick scan and results of images
  • Well organized gallery 
  • Boosts performance by making free disk space
  • Easy to understand and access
  • You can find photos from every corner of your PC and shows the result
  • Contains many filter options for scanning
  • Availability of 24*7 service for users
  • Drag and drop feature

Make sub-main folders-

when you have successfully decluttered your library it’s time to organize. We discussed creating the main folder and uploading everything there. After that make sub-main folders. It is easier to access when there are subfolders under the main folder. Use easy-to-understand names for folders like favorites, client images, fashion, food, edited, and anything accordingly. Create a subfolder named a web folder and copy every image there what you also choose to upload on the web. 

Delete screenshots-

it is very common that people take screenshots and forget to delete them. Duplicate photo cleaner will only remove similar and duplicate images but if you have a screenshots folder open it. Select all the shots you don’t need and delete them. It might take a little time but will make your work a lot easier.

Try different folder names-

with names related to the type of images in the folder, you can also try naming them after dates- like when it was taken, location- where it was taken, and caption- for example, mountains. It will be a whole lot easier for you to find it at the time of work. 


We hope all these hacks gave you a well-organized easy to use the library. Also, you should keep this a habit to avoid such situations and save time. An organized library also makes your computer run faster without malfunctioning. To avoid all this chaos be careful while uploading images in the very first place. While uploading images we update other unwanted files too. 

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