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Photo Smart Touch Smart From Hp With Web Touch Screen

This is the printer of the new Era which has a bright Web Touch screen in its control panel. The Photo Smart Touch Premium printer has all the essential elements of a good printer but lacks some details.

Touch smart premium from HP is handy and comfortable and weighs only 16.5 pounds and has a sleek design with black plus silver color on its body. The cable and other printer accessories are wrapped in a separate kit.

Basically, this printer does not support a document feeder. The lid or top covering can hold big-sized books and documents and if you even need some space the lid can conveniently be removed from the unit.

At the backside of the printer is located the sockets for Ethernet, USB port and a power cord.

The Touch smart printer has a different set of the paper trays. The input tray can hold up to 100 papers and another tray for holding photo papers. The printer is equipped with a duplexer which functions automatically. Each time when you print something, you have to hold the lid using your hand and insert the paper with another hand. This element of Touch smart is complex and frequent usage can damage some parts.

An extraordinary element of Touch smart is its touch screen which is very prominent measuring 4.3 inches. Two illuminating lights for Bluetooth connection and for wireless connection are found apart from a big power button Photo Smart Touch.

Installation went on smoothly and easy. The ink cartridges which are five in number can be slipped into the respective slot without any difficulty. After you install ink cartridges you can go for establishing a printer on your computer.

The touch screen was excellent and is capable of connecting to web applications that are already programmed. But it is rather unfortunate that you cannot read the touch screen app only you can take printouts. It does not have the proviso to see a preview before taking printout also.

The printing process was smooth and passed through various modes like normal, best and draft mode. The printer is designed to revert again to normal mode after each time of printing. The auto-sensing feature of HP can sense the paper type and selects the most appropriate setting for printing it.

While printing is in process, the flashlight rotates on the HP logo and indicates the message also. The printer also contains the Solution Centre of HP which displays a warning when the quantity of ink is less. You can select your own personalized settings for copying. The touch smart also works on Bluetooth connection.

The speed of HP Touch smart was average and it passed through the test in various modes. Likewise, for printing photos, the speed was the same as its competitors and sometimes varied on different mode settings Robotics Team Name Ideas.

While the quality of printouts was fair enough on text documents it was looking great on photo printouts. The cost for one page comes to slightly above average in Touch smart HP. The printer was outstanding at printing color images and not printing texts. On the whole, Touch smart is the best printer giving great performance and featured with all essential elements including a touch screen.

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