19+ Best bird poem and importance of birds

Do have a look and share them. A bird or a bird whose chirping often wakes us up in the morning in the village. Birds and their cubs keep hopping from one branch to another on the trees around the house. Seeing such a sight, there is a strange joy in the mind.

19+ Best bird poem

Let us tell you that the bird eats many types of harmful insects which destroy the crop. This type of bird is the best friend of farmers. But let us tell you that due to the environment, many species of bird are becoming extinct.

That bird will also have a great name,
Who will fail to touch the sky?

Who asks the caged birds,
Remember only those who fly away.

The life of birds in closed cages is reduced,
Seeing which the eyes of a poet become moist.

Man wants to get to fly,
Parinda wants her to get a house to live in.

Where the life of free birds is easy,
Sometimes it is troubled by the eagle and sometimes by the hunter’s net.

Poetry on Birds | bird poem
Before flying, the birds know the nature of the sky,
When the wings get tired, they return to their nests.

The bird sitting in the nest is innocent,
He doesn’t know what’s flying
Only then will he know when he spreads his wings
What is his real identity?

Those who have the courage to touch the sky,
They don’t care about falling.

bird poem
Not only does Rahi get to the destination,
A passion has to be awakened in the heart,
Asked how to make a house from a bird
Bidding has to be picked up straw by straw.

What did he do with the wind?
The birds made the cage their home.

Now morning also comes tired and silent,
Maybe now no bird sings the song.

The man keeps fighting for freedom and
Has a tendency to capture birds.

A bird sitting on a lying branch is never afraid,
Because he trusts not on the branch but on his feet.

Trust and love are two such birds,
When one flies, the other flies by itself.

Whenever the bird believed in the wings,
His own sky became far and wide.

What’s the time?
passes will pass,
bird of the open sky
Where will he be able to live in the cage?

Don’t love, like a bird, the water flies away dry,
Love that the water like a fish dies dry.

my spirits also start touching the sky
Thinking about many small things,
that little bird falling and flying
Seeing his faith in his wings.

These trees, these leaves, these branches should also be disturbed,
If the birds also become Hindu and Muslim.

it was raining,
He was afraid of shelter,
Parinda fought with the rain
When the question was about the children’s food.

importance of birds

Birds are flying creatures. If they fly with their wings spread in the sky, then an attractive sight becomes present. In the morning and evening, the earth reverberates with their cry. The beauty of the forest-provinces shines from their residence. Everyone gets fascinated by their attractive colors.

Birds are very strange.

Some black, some green and some purple. Their light body helps them to fly. Their feathers are light and colorful. They have two legs and two eyes. With the help of feet, they move on the earth. Some birds fly very high in the sky, while some are able to cover only a distance of two to four feet.

Just as there are many types of variations found in the world, similarly many types of variations are found in the bird world. But two characteristics are common in all – one is that they can fly, the other is that all birds lay eggs.

Birds are deeply connected to nature. They live by making nests in forests, in bushes, and on trees. Where he saw some greenery, he made a shelter there. Collected weeds, added straw by straw, and built a nest. Some birds are very adept at building a nest, such as a bird’s nest. building their nests

It is made on sight. Some birds do not make a nest and make a shelter in this tree trunk. Woodpecker bird makes holes in the wood. Some big birds like peacocks do not make nests and take shelter in the bushes.

The soft tone of some birds attracts us. The cuckoo, paprika, parrot, etc. are all convinced of the melodious sound of birds. There is a great discussion of his tone in the literature.

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Birds are an integral part of our environment.

They watch their prey from a very high height in the sky. quickly pounce on their prey. Some birds like hawks, crows, herons, roosters, etc. eat the flesh of dead or living animals. Some birds sit on the body of living beings like cows, buffalo and eat the parasites present on their body. Carnivorous birds fill their stomachs by eating meat, fish, and insects. On the other hand, many birds are herbivores. Herbivorous birds eat cereal grains, fruits, beans, and vegetables.

Some birds live in inaccessible places. Penguin is one such bird. It can survive even in extremely cold places in the polar regions. Some birds live in water. Stork, heron, swan, waterfowl, etc. are such birds. They prey on water fish and other small creatures.

Peacock is the national bird of India. Its feathers are colorful. It plays spreading its wings. This is a very courageous bird. It defeats snakes in battle.

There is a huge world of birds. They do not know the boundaries of the country. They make long flights in groups during the winter and migrate to remote and relatively warm sites. These are called migratory birds. Migratory birds arrive in India every year from Siberia.

But some birds are in danger due to poaching and decreasing forest area. Some of these are becoming rare. The government has made wildlife acts and sanctuaries for their safe habitat. People should make proper efforts to save the rare birds.

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