Get Rid Of Rats From Your Home

Rats are a pest to have around your home. Not only do they look unpleasant and carry diseases, but rats can also be destructive by chewing through walls insulation or electrical wiring. If you want to reclaim yours then get rid of them fast for good! Luckily there is an option other than rat trapping which will help keep pests out without harming humans in the process.

You might be thinking of the best escape room of all time, but what about a pest control company? Smith’s Pest Management has helped thousands get rid of their pesky rats and mice. In this post we’re sharing our top tips for how you can do the same!

What Are Rats?

You might think you know everything there is to know about rats and rat trappings. But let us take a deeper dive into their lives: where they live, how they choose an habitat and what kinds of food these pesky creatures eat!

If you think about it, rats are like a super-sized version of the normal mouse. They can range from small – just over five inches in length – up to and including terrifying creatures that weigh as much as 5 pounds or more!

What Do Rats Need?

Rats are pesky pests that can be difficult to control because they live in so many places. If you give rats these three things, the animals will thrive: This is an interesting piece of information about how our furry friends survive without humans around!


Rats are omnivores, so they’ll eat anything available to them. Although rats can be found scavenging through trash and consuming food left out by humans or other animals like birds (or even small lizards!), some species will kill for the opportunity at flesh–especially if given a suitable habitat in which to breed!


In order to survive, rats drink enough water in their diet. If they are thirsty and can’t find any more in drains or other sources of liquid such as pet dishes (which many rats use), then the rat will search out moist places like pipes to get its next supply. It’s important for humans not to be surprised when we see our captive animals drinking from puddles on pavement outside because this natural instinct gets them through long periods without access to clean drinking water.


Rats are not the most beautiful creature, but they do have one redeeming quality: they’re survivors. They live in crowded sewer systems or dirty environments where other animals would perish and feed on their corpses until there was nothing left for someone else to eat- then rats came back stronger than before! With so much food around at any given time it’s no wonder that these weedy little mammals can get fat really quickly when conditions allow it–which brings me onto my next point about how rats use their favorite hiding spots as safe havens against threats outside themselves.

Rats Reproduce Rapidly

Female rats can mate 500 times in just six hours, and brown rats give birth to up to 2 thousand babies each year with 22 young per litter. It’s easy to see how populations of these animals quickly grow out of control when you consider their gestational period is less than one month long!

Rats & Disease

Rat infestations are becoming more common and dangerous, as they carry a variety of diseases that can be deadly. There’s new research showing rats may also infect people with Hepatitis E- an illness not yet seen in North America but which has infected 500+ million individuals worldwide!

4 Signs Of A Rat Infestation In Your Home

  • Strange Smells & Sounds

Rats are no doubt one of the most pesky creatures in existence. They give off an intimidating ammonia smell, they squeak and scratch as they move throughout your home – all signs that you’ve been invaded by these pests!

  • Droppings & Smears

Rats leave droppings behind as they move through your home. You may notice small, dark pellets of excrement along main rat pathways that lead to their dens and food sources in a colony (or nest). Since rats have poor eyesight, you won’t see them when they’re walking around unless there’s light shining on them or if it gets too close for comfort!

  • Footprints

Some people think that rats are only found in old, abandoned buildings or garbage cans. But if you look into the dusty corners of your home and find rat tracks with foot marks on it then chances are high enough for them to be living right under our noses! You should look for rat trappings.

  • Damage

Rats are pests that can cause a lot of damage in your home. They might chew through electrical cords, eat food left out on counters and so much more!

How To Get Rid Of Rats In The House Fast?

  • Inspect The Home

You can’t get rid of rats until you know where they are coming from. Before conducting a full home inspection, search for any signs that could point to an access point like damaged drains or gaps around vents and foundation cracks in your garage door which will help with trapping them later on once we seal up these entry points!

  • Seal The Gaps

It’s easy to keep rats out of your house. In fact, all they need is a small gap that you can put two fingers through – like the spaces between wall boards or around plumbing pipes! Seal these up with wire wool and metal kick plates; check them monthly so it doesn’t happen again.

  • Clean Up

Rat droppings are present in almost any area where there is shelter and plenty of food. The best way to get rid without poison, then? Eliminate their hiding places! Clean up clutter around your home; move objects away from walls so rats can’t find safe spaces inside or outside the house.

  • Consider Rat Trapping

Trapping is the most effective way to eliminate rats, and it doesn’t use poison. The Fox Traps Online is placed in high-activity areas where larger numbers of pests can be found – such as around garbage cans or near food sources like kitchens with open cabinets where there’s easy access for a mouse who may come out at night looking for anything she could store away while hiding during day time hours (such as grains). Trapped animals need not worry because they’re given an opportunity here; if you see one outdoors then take this chance!

  • Call A Professional

Professional Houston animal removal can help you eliminate pesky rats from your walls. These experts are well-equipped to identify the entry points for these pests, as well as their nesting and food cache areas so they don’t come back in future visits! If professional intervention isn’t enough – it’s important that we find out what caused this infestation before letting them go at home on our own again.

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