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11 Impressive Interior Ideas To Give Your Home A Farmhouse Makeover

It’s time for a makeover in farmhouse style! But sometimes, it feels like “done that and been there” as it is around for a while.  

Get familiar with the truth; farmhouse style has grown up a lot! Unique updates, new offshoot, reclaiming wood, and incorporating rustic metals are the new modern style. The overall look is still cozy and rustic, but you can make your home up to date with some tweaks. 

You can define anything with home staging service, whether you are aiming for refined rustic style for a modern touch or minimal look of a Scandinavian farmhouse.

Encompassing ideas to give your home a farmhouse style makeover

Prefer neutral color on the walls 

Farmhouse style revolves around neutral colors to create light, open space. Opt for a color that has similar undertones to the furniture and decor in your room. If you decide to have cool tones, it includes blue and pink hues, whereas warm tones will have yellow or gold hues. 

Select a soft beige, gray, or cream that doesn’t have to be white. It sets the tone for the farmhouse look. It is calming if you keep all the walls within the same color scheme and blend everything together. 

Add voguish light fixtures

The traditional farmhouse kitchen staging style feels completely different with the addition of two modern pendants. Mixed metals like brass light fixtures, chrome cabinet pulls bring a fresh take on space. 

Avoid crazy bright colors 

Don’t incorporate lots of bright crazy colors in your decor along with light-colored walls if you desire a farmhouse-style look. I know it might not be pleasing to everyone, but believe me, the neutral colors will help you create a cozy and calming feel in your home. Usually avoid using things like red, orange, purple, etc. However, it’s not a standard rule; you can, of course, mix in pops of color as you wish! 

Add soothing wallpaper 

Integrate cozy wallpaper for a farmhouse style into your modern house! The pattern options range from vintage and floral designs to expose brick look. Get one that fits your personal style! You can use it for a whole room or simply add an accent wall to your entryway or bathroom.

Go for open shelving

Open shelving is a great choice to modernize your space. Decorate your kitchen with a home staging company and install open shelving. The use of rustic wood for your shelves keeps you precisely in farmhouse style. The openness of the shelves makes you feel a fresh take. Show off your vintage serving pieces, decanted pantry items, or it could be your favorite glassware! 

Tip: Choose a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and colors when you want to display them on an open shelf to create an eye-catching display. 

Choose white cabinets

Do you want to go for a traditional farmhouse kitchen look? Stick with a neutral palette, and in that, our best Corpus Christi interior designer suggested white kitchen cabinets for a modern and clean look! 

Imagine white cabinets with gold or matte black pulls brighten and warm-up space. So fascinating, right! Add more texture to your white kitchen by adding flower vases, wood cutting boards, or unique hardware. 

Sink into a clawfoot tub

Design the ultimate farmhouse bathroom and make a clawfoot tub a centerpiece of it. The historical style of bathroom features has been around for centuries, but the look of the tub has evolved over the years. Many bathroom interior designs make it easy to find all sorts of styles that fit your needs, from rustic to Scandinavian farmhouse, for a chic vibe! 

Mudroom designing! 

How can we forget an essential part of any traditional farmhouse design? A mudroom especially! It is the latest home decor and interior design trend that is ruling. You should design your mudroom that works for your needs by adding cubbies with hooks for bags and coats. Or you can use a rack to organize shoes, or it might be utilizing baskets for hidden storage options! 

Add industrial touches 

Are you unsure about what other interior styles you can mix in your farmhouse home? Our home design service recommends you add some industrial touches; it is a great place to start. Add the essence of an industrial look by adding black details, metal furniture, and reclaimed wood into your home decor

Set up an entry table in metal, or consider adding metal bar stools to your kitchen island. Search for an intricate metal industrial light fixture to hand in your living room.

Play with patterns 

It’s time to create the perfect traditional, coastal, or french farmhouse makeover by incorporating different patterns in your home. Some of them are mixed plaid, buffalo check, stripes, or gingham with florals. Still not sure how to mix patterns easily? Just throw a pillow cover that matches your home’s color scheme, and you are all set! 

Adorn with some greenery

Why not bring the outdoors in? Let’s decorate with lush greenery and wildflowers in mason jars and vases all year round! These simple and elegant touches of nature help to brighten up your house with some colors. And give some new life to it. You can find faux farmhouse plants if you lack a green thumb! 

Wrapping up:

Farmhouse style is an open interpretation. But these all are some common trends that offer you some cool ideas. This style doesn’t mean you actually need to live on a farm, but it means you need to decorate and style your home with a practical mindset. Our home staging service provides you with simple color combinations with natural elements and texture. These are not the defined rules, as it often comes with living in country life. 


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