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How to Keep Your White Couch Clean – As Well as The Most Effective Spot

Do you wish to purchase a white or light-colored couch or sectional yet are nervous concerning cleaning it? In this article, I will certainly share just how we cleanse our white sectional. White Couch Clean

This post actually is excellent for cleaning up any type of furniture material. I have utilized this method to clean all our furnishings, not simply our white sectional. We have had it for nearly 2 years now as well as these are all my suggestions as well as tricks for keeping it looking nearly like new!


Would we buy a white sofa again?

We enjoy our white sectional. It’s over 2 years old currently and also still looking excellent!

I have continuously used (over the last 8 years) white, or linen-colored sofas as well as sectionals in our homes however this was the initial one that did not have a detachable cover that I can clean.

I like just how intense and also ventilated it really feels in our home. My primary factor for buying one is since it fits my layout style as well as the aesthetic I was going for in this room White Couch Clean

We actually purchased this precise sectional in grey as well as determined to obtain one more in white. We liked it so much, yet I was craving that bright white in our area. It actually absolutely depends upon your personal design and aesthetic!

This sectional sofa is just readily available in Canada from the Block, nonetheless, you can look into this message, for my preferred list of comparable sectionals that are all offered online.

The cushion covers for this sectional are removable. I wash those in the cleaning maker whenever required. I use an oxi-clean powder cleaning agent as well as it functions great for the detachable covers.

However, the seat paddings are not detachable so I have one more method for cleaning up those.

I was a little anxious about just how we would maintain it clean, however, I can honestly state 2 years later, although it’s put on (as any type of couch would be), it has kept its color and is in fact really simple to clean up when utilizing the right tools as well as the very best cleaner ever before. White Couch Clean


Products for cleaning your couch

Immediate spot stain cleaner. I swear by Folex. This stuff ventures out EVERY LITTLE THING! Great for rugs and carpeting also. Specifically needed if you have pets!

Eucalan no-rinse fragile laundry

Vapor cleaner

Actions for cleansing your sofa

Area tidy discolorations with flex

We have actually had stains of all kinds on this white sectional. Every little thing from delicious chocolate to dust and an unfavorable case where my youngest daughter had a nose hemorrhage and also it splattered all over on this sofa. Thankfully because of my favorite stain eliminator, everything came out.

Always area cleans instantly for best outcomes.

Every discolor that I have observed instantly after it happened and cleaned immediately, has actually appeared. The negative effects are not extra discolorations but it does leave a water tarnish on the couch.

how to maintain your white couch tidy

If you are searching for an image ideal sofa that always looks immaculate then you will certainly be steam cleansing your white couch or sectional possibly each week, yet if you are like me and you aren’t going for excellence, you will cope with a couple of water spots right here or there from place cleansing and steam tidy your couch every 2-3 months.


To heavy steam clean our sectional I make use of a heavy steam cleanser. You can find the one we utilize below, and also right here. I enjoy it for just how compact it is, as well as it has actually sufficed for us for years, also when my daughters painted on the carpeting in our old house, I used this vapor cleaner as well as it got it all out.

It took a couple of days of going back and forth over the spots yet it looked all new after that and I am chatting most likely a 6 ft x 6 ft location that was filled in black and orange paint. Anyways … life is untidy, so you require a good steam cleaner! The actions for heavy steam cleansing your couch are straightforward.


Load the water tank with 2 tsp of Eucalan (or any type of Stain cleaner of your choice) and also fill with warm water. Connect your steam cleaner in and spray your sofa with the water mix.

Ensure every location of your sofa has been sprayed, this will certainly maintain you from just obtaining bigger water stains around. I additionally spray the leading edge of mine so there are no water stains, although it rarely gets unclean in all.

a note on Eucalan Cleanser– When it pertains to removing discolorations from our white couch I constantly use Eucalan no-rinse, delicate wash (nothing in this message has been sponsored).

You are appropriate if you are assuming that it is for cleaning delicates, haha but I have discovered it is the very best at venturing out spots, as well as because it’s no-rinse, you don’t have to stress over a crispy residue being left after you detect clean using it.


Step 2:

When I have actually covered the couch, due to the fact that it’s so large I just return to where I began and also push down with the stick and start drawing all the water back up.

This heavy steam cleanser suction is extremely powerful and also sucks up hairs and also crumbs that are on the couch. Love that!

Conversely, if you have a little loveseat or couch let it sit for 5 min. prior to sucking up the water.

I ensure to go in wonderful straight lines when drawing all the water back up. If I reach a location where there is noticeably some markings I will certainly spray a lot more water on that particular area and offer it an excellent scrub with the stick.

Action 3:

The below of this certain steam cleaner wand has a little brush that excellent for rubbing out immune markings.

Then as soon as I have the markings cleaned out I return over in great straight lines from the top of the seat pillow to the bottom and like I said the edge of the couch.

this is a picture of a heavy steam cleaner stick being made use of on white fabric

Since we have a large sectional this entire process takes me regarding 1/2 an hour at one of the most. It is a good exercise with all the rubbing to guarantee everything is squeaky clean. Which it.

Tip 4:

Ours generally takes 24 hrs, so I recommend doing this at night. In this way by early morning its currently just slightly moist and you can rest on it … we generally lay a covering on so we do not obtain every little thing damp.

We have two youngsters and also two dogs and we haven’t discovered this to be a problem with our lighter furnishings. It actually depends upon your way of life and how you really feel regarding your furnishings looking a little less than best in between cleaning it.

I hope this post encourages anybody wanting to try a light sofa however worried regarding starting. It truly isn’t that scary. It just needs a little more love and focuses after that claim a navy blue sofa, but let’s be real, that sofa is dirty as well haha you just can’t see it!

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