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10 Useful Tools for a Content Writer in 2022

In digital marketing, content writing is a core aspect. The brand awareness it creates, and the credibility it builds depends upon the sort of content you upload as your content. If the blogs you write are bland and boring, then no one will be compelled to learn more about the company you aim to market with your content. Leading marketing experts claim that more than 50% of content marketing is responsible for generating sales and revenue. To take full advantage of content writing, you need to make sure that the stuff you put out has the quality you need to make your marketing campaign successful.

Content Writing Tools – A Basic Content Writer Starter Pack: –

There are many ways one can improve the quality of their content. A lot of online tools and softwares have been developed that allow quality control, project tracking, editing, planning, higher productivity, elimination of grammatical errors, among other things. But there is a list of basic and advanced content writing tools that you’ll find common with a lot of experienced and professional writers.

1.  Grammarly: –

  • One of the greatest content writing tools for error-free writing is Grammarly; a must have companion on your writing journey.
  • It evaluates your article for problems in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You may use this incredible application to evaluate and proofread your own work.
  • It also gives you information on your article’s word count, reading duration, vocabulary, and readability score.
  • It will examine your material for extra writing faults if you opt for the Premium edition. Your word choice, missing prepositions, and wordy sentences are all examples of these faults.
  • You’ll also get access to its plagiarism detection and human proofreading tools. It may now provide you insights on the tone of your emails and content. As a result, it’s an excellent tool to have in your arsenal.

2.  Google Docs: –

  • Like everything these days, Google’s online writing platform Google Docs shines on the writing stage.
  • The number of accessibility options offered by Docs gives it an edge over Microsoft Word in terms of writing.
  • Keep track of all your projects and works with Google Docs.
  • You get access to a vast library of add-ons that can enhance and support your writing.
  • This free application is among the most user-friendly and flexible of all the online writing platforms.
  • It’s simple to create a wide range of material and share documents with numerous people for collaborative activities thanks to a number of templates and a simple UI.

3.  Canva: –

  • Also known as the cheap alternative to Illustrator, Canva is ridiculously intuitive and easy-to-use thanks to its simple user interface.
  • Choose from a 1000+ different templates and samples to create your very own infographic title cards, brochures, social media posts, etc.
  • Users can rapidly create and share simple yet powerful photos, charts, and animated graphics to complement textual content using both the free and paid versions of Canva—no prior design experience necessary.
  • To improve readability and engagement, visual material is essential and Canva allows you to swiftly prepare your content within an appealing format.

4.  FreedCamp: –

  • The best companion for high-performance team efforts, FreedCamp is a free project management tool that allows you to streamline your writing projects, workflows, and other time-related issues.
  • Although not limited to content writing, Freed Camp can be used to accomplish an optimal working outline.
  • If you have a team of content writers, Freed Camp can help you distribute that workload evenly to maintain the workflow.

5.  Yoast SEO: –

  • YoastSEO is a strong SEO tool that you just cannot ignore if you use WordPress. It can aid in the creation of SEO titles and meta descriptions.
  • It also allows you to evaluate the quality of your material and make modifications if necessary.
  • This plug-in is a must have if you are SEO content writing. It will help you find relevant keywords and meta titles.

6.  Hubspot: –

  • Hubspot is a blog idea generator. For lazy days when you’re feeling uncreative and cannot think up a fresh topic to write a blog about, Hubspot has got you covered.
  • It asks for three nouns that are related to your niche and then returns five blog ideas. The suggestions it makes are generally sufficient to get you started.
  • A terrific way to boost your writing output.

7.  Pro-Writing Aid: –

  • ProWritingAid is a content writing tool that can help you improve your writing skills similar to Grammarly.
  • ProWritingAid helps you detect and repair grammar and spelling errors.
  • It helps you enhance the readability of your writing, making it more convincing and entertaining for the reader.

8.  Zotero: –

  • If you’re an academic content writer, then Zotero is one of the best tools you can use in tandem with Google Docs.
  • Zotero is a reference management and bibliography editing software that automatically inserts citations and stores bibliographic data when writing research articles and journals.
  • Easy to use, Zotero eliminates the need to manually input your reference papers.

9.  Tweak Your Biz Title Generator: –

  • If you’re having difficulty choosing a title with an epic hook, then Tweak Your Biz Title Generator will help you out.
  • Simply enter your topic and you’ll get a list of suitable titles for your blogs or articles.
  • A strong title may increase traffic, engagement, reads, and shares. That’s why you’ll need a content writing tool that can assist you in coming up with great blog post titles.

10.Idea Flip: –

  • The perfect brainstorming and idea generating tool, Idea Flip can help you organize all your ideas collaboratively within your team.
  • A simple user interface allows multiple users to see one integrated file accessible to all team members to share their input on and create or develop in real time.

Start Writing!

These are all tools that will help you on your content writing journey. If you are starting out, you can use these tools as a crutch to help you but the quality of a writer and their creativity needs honing. You cannot rely on these for too long or else your brain will stop coming up with ideas of its own. That’s why you need SEO Services In Florida who have the creative flair to invent new ways to write content. To learn more about content writing check out our website.


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