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Types of Writers: What’s Your Writing Style?

The most common writers are authors, journalists, or website writers. Well, you are half right. But the world has different types of writers, all with varying styles. Many writers have expertise in one type of writing, but there are some who are versatile, and due to their decades of experience, they are special in various areas of writing. In this article, we are going to discuss various types of writers. So, let’s start.  

Fiction Writers

Many writers have expertise in fiction writing. They have creative thinking and love to share their ideas in their writing. They know how to write a fiction story, building up the plot and the characters. There are many other branches in the field of fiction writing, and some writers choose to explore several types of fiction writing while some decide to stick to one. These writers are responsible for creating fictional stories that we read on the internet or watch in movies.  

Technical Writers

Technical writers write mostly about technical topics, including instructions and a manual for internal and external users. They uniquely write complex information content to make it easier for the audience to understand it. Some writers have great technical knowledge, and they combine their knowledge with their writing skills to write easy-to-read content for a tech audience. These writers are responsible for writing most of the content that is related to our technology products, including mobile, tablet, laptop, and computers. They write solutions to many people’s problems while using tech-related devices. Whenever we don’t understand any function in our mob or laptop, we just google it, and the answer is right in front of us, written by a technical writer.  


Journalist writers are the people who collect and write reports about any current or past events. They educate the people about what’s happening all around the globe. In today’s century, free journalist writers are the best thing that a democratic country should have. Journalists can range from newspapers, television reports, media, etc. A journalist speaks about the truth and spreads awareness to its people. Their topics can be anything from political exposure to the events happening in third-world countries. 

Auto/Biography Writers

Many famous people write an autobiography about their lives. These people include celebrities, politicians, or an influencer. They mostly write about their life experiences and how they dealt with them. Many of their life stories revolve around how they become famous, how they achieve success, how they overcome abuse problems, drugs, etc. Although, a writer writes a biography on someone’s life. They are often famous or people from history who have done something big. Many people like to read biographies of famous leaders in the past, including Abraham Lincoln, Hitler, Shakespeare, etc.  


As the name suggests, ghostwriters are those writers whose name is not published with the content. They are usually anonymous, but many people add their names below their names just to give them credit. Many ghostwriters write books, blogs, and website content, but the credit goes to the person paying the ghostwriter.  

Script Writers

Writing for the screen is a completely different ballgame. It includes all of the ingredients of fiction – people, plots, and settings – but you must also see it. Imagine it as if it’s being acted out before you, and take notes on these details. Cut scenes, movements, expressions, entrances, exits, etc. Not every writer has the ability to turn their story into a script. Many scriptwriters write for movies and television programs. One of the important factors for a show to succeed is its writing story. Many scriptwriters worked for years before selling their scripts to a director.  

Marketing and Advertising Writers

Many companies use advertising content to sell their products or services. Many campaign strategies include quality marketing writing. Usually, this type of content is short but persuasive. Sometimes it takes weeks to write ad content to get approved. A well-written ad sells way more than an irrelevant ad. The audience should understand the advertisement content. Successful marketing ads are both creative in writing and visually. Sometimes, the content is enough to impress the audience and bring sales.  


Novellas are not famous in the writing world, but they are quite interesting and unique in their own way. They work between a novel and a short story. A novella provides more pacing and development than a short story while still providing readers with a quick and easy read. Novellas can be difficult to sell, so you’ll need a compelling idea to pique people’s interests.

Some authors produce novellas as a follow-up to a well-received novel they’ve already published. It could be a brief prequel or a more in-depth look into one of the characters’ pasts. They may write a spin-off series of novellas about a side character’s life and experiences. 

Article Writer

Article writers are way more important than magazine or newspaper writers in the digital world. More and more people are using digital media platforms in their daily lives, and many companies want to use this opportunity to their advantage. People use the internet for almost everything, including studying, shopping, entertainment, research, product recommendation, etc. Many websites have articles written answering all the queries people search on the internet. Many websites need article writers to keep their websites up-to-date. Some people write content for themselves, but many prefer to hire article writers.  


Copywriters are among the highest-paid writers in the industry. Marketing strategies writes to sell something, and a strong marketing text (‘copy’) typically sells more things than a bad text. Therefore talented copywriters get handsome pay. In this line of work, there isn’t much in the way of public recognition, but it is known and respected among the professionals in this field comes down to money. The capacity of copywriters to elicit interest and passion for a product while maintaining the readers’ confidence is their most significant asset. Average freelancers can earn $1 or more per word, and many copywriters work as staff writers for marketing agencies. 

Academic Writers

Academic writers contribute to scientific journals, university periodicals, and other publications. They are also known as assignment writers for universities. Unlike most other writers, they are article and book authors, but they do not write for monetary gain. The issue about academic journals is that being published in them is regarded as a privilege; there is no other compensation. Those authors compete for admission since being published there advances their academic careers; indirectly, the papers help them keep their employment as teachers, professors, and scientists.

The papers and books produced are the culmination of years of research in writing, and they have the power to create or break careers. This is a task that aspiring authors should avoid: leave it to the academics. They also provide assignment help service to students who are studying in developed countries such as the United Kingdom. They are famous among the students as essay writers 


Novelists write long stories for their readers. Their main objective is to craft a story and complete it. A novelist writes 100,000 words long fiction stories in any genre. Many of these stories require character development and an interesting plot to hook the reader till the end. With most fiction authors producing two books per year, it’s a long way to the bestseller lists, where you need to be to make a living. Nonfiction book writers have a minor advantage because many organizations have projects that will pay in advance, but you can make a living as a best-selling author or work a second job. On the other hand, that second career may be tied to writing. 

Play writers

Playwrights are among the most glamorous members of the industry, yet the potential for fame outweighs the chance for profit. With such a small number of theatre ensembles, there is only a limited market for a certain number of plays per year. It’s crucial to reside in the proper place and have the necessary connections in the theatrical world to get a play screenplay accepted, and the number of optimistic aspiring playwrights considerably outnumbers those who strike it rich. Amateur theatrical companies occasionally accept manuscripts, although they don’t pay very well. If you can get in, radio is a market. Competitions are also available. 

Poetry Writers

Poetry writers are the lowest paid writers in the entire writing industry, which is unpleasant. Even while many people read poetry, it just does not sell. Many poets find themselves paying to enter contests where the winner is published and receives a free copy of the magazine, or, in the worst-case scenario, being asked to purchase the anthology after that, only the submitting authors will be interested in buying. Although a few poetry websites and e-zines will occasionally pay a small fee for a poem, the great majority of poets do not consider poetry writing to be paid work.


It doesn’t matter which type of writer you’re and which writing style you possess; you only need to know that you’re the best in your style. Comparing copywriters with article writers is unfair because both writers are unique in their way and have importance in their niche. 


I am an Author and a Writer at Nerdy Editors UK. It is the top UK My Assignment Help Service provider company of all academic writing services in the UK. I've been working with them since 2019 but the company is operating since 2015.

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