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Hi ladies. Hope you are doing well. Summers are here and you need a whole new wardrobe to survive them. Oh and I don’t mean new clothes only. I am also talking about new accessories coordinated with your summer outfits. When I talk about accessories, elegant and chic bags for girls come to my mind first. I for one am a bag lover and my outfit of the day is incomplete without a matching handbag.

With increasing inclination towards online shopping day by day due to the pandemic, it was very difficult for me at first to find a trustworthy e-store for ladies bags in Pakistan that delivers elegant products with no compromise on quality. After getting scammed a few times (to my dismay…..) by fake websites, I finally came across a brand I could trust. GirlNine is my go to e-store for gorgeous bags for ladies. I have handpicked a few I intend to buy to completely prep my summer closet. How about I share them with you too so may see for yourself how elegant these bags are.

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Spotlight – Sleek and Sophisticated

Ah this beautiful…..beautiful number by GirlNine. Manufactured using high quality faux leather with buckles for reinforcement and a detachable leather strap, Spotlight is one of my favourites offered by GirlNine. The handbag girl in me can already see herself carrying this beauty with a sleek outfit and shining like a star. Don’t we all love handbags with a decent overall look and classic vibes attached to them? I do and Spotlight personifies decency and class immensely. Oh and I need multiple compartments in my handbags to carry personal and work essentials with me wherever I go. Lucky for me, GirlNine’s ladies handbags offer the same. All inclusive gorgeous bags laden with luxury, comfort and trend. Amazing, right?

ladies handbags, wallets for women

Sale, Sale, Sale!

Oh and I’ll come to the most exciting part about shopping from GirlNine nowadays. Their entire bag collection is available at a discounted price at their e-store. So not only you are getting a luxurious and elegant product that’s also functional but you are getting it at an extremely budget friendly price. EX. CI. TING. Am I right or am I RIGHT!?

Poise – Funky and Chic

You know what bodes well with plain outfits? A funky bag that not only stands out but elevates your overall look to a whole another level. If you seek a funky yet elegant handbag, you need to check out Poise at One of the most gorgeous articles of GirlNine’s women’s handbags, Poise is also a faux leather beauty with multiple compartments which makes it a perfect combination of style and practicality.

It can be a perfect companion for my work meetings since I wear a lot of solids and mostly skip vibrant and loud outfits for work. But hey. I want to be decent but stylish too in a subtle way….;) So if my outfits are plain and elegant, I want my accessories to add zing to my overall look so Poise is perfect for me. Think about it. A plain yet sophisticated jumpsuit, cool eyewear, cute ear studs, Poise and you…. Fabulous. You will rock it. AND! Guess what…. Poise is also available at a discounted rate. The day is just getting better and better isn’t it?

ladies handbags, wallets for women 

Monica – A Sophisticated and Practical Wallet

Girls wallets are a staple for me. It should be reasonably sized with multiple compartments to carry my cash, cards and cell phone. Available in blue, pink and black shades, this amazing wallet by GirlNine is in my shopping cart as we speak. I loved the one in pink hues so that was my pick. Manufactured using faux leather, this sophisticated ladies wallet will be my companion whenever I am out and about for chores and shopping. Oh and this beauty is also available at a discounted rate so Yay for GirlNine.

ladies handbags, wallets for women 

Bag Shopping at GirlNine – Easy, Fun and Reliable

The most important thing for me while shopping is ease. I don’t like rushing through it and I despise crowds to my core. Probably why I got inclined towards online shopping in no time and anyway with current situation out there due to the pandemic, it’s safe to stay home as much as possible and practice social distancing. Initially, it was difficult for me to get the hang of online shopping because of so many fake websites ready to scam you. After a while, I got to know brands and e-stores I could trust and GirlNine is my trusty buddy since then. Its website is extremely user friendly and they only deliver first rate products to their customers’ doorstep. Their collection of branded ladies bags is stunning and I cannot wait to purchase matching fashion bags with my summer outfits from GirlNine. You should too. Trust me you will be in good hands.

So girlies. Come on. Pick up your gadget and visit to shop away your favorite handbags with price reasonable enough to fall within your budget. Their entire range is manufactured by professionals and they only use premium quality faux leather to design them. I already have my favorites in my shopping cart because I know for a fact that shopping their handbags online is an experience that will be nothing short of quality and style. See you at their e-store. Good day ladies. And happy…happy shopping.

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