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You should probably choose 5 treks to the villages in Himachal Pradesh.

Not only are Himachal Pradesh villages popular because of the spectacular views over the mountains and the rivers, but also because people in the villages live simply and unspoiled. Spend one or two days here in these villages just to take a bath in the atmosphere and learn about these villagers’ lifestyles. You won’t have to stay for a night in Tosh for more than 700 bucks, and in Kasol there are several choices, both budgetary and luxurious. The Parvati valley, Kasol, and Malana also have camping options.


Tosh, Himachal Pradesh


If your holiday idea lurks in a green pasture with a camera in hand, you can enjoy homemade delights and chat with a group of chalk markers; relax with the day, and fall into the quiet as the sun sets, then it’s Tosh. While you can not call it a village of its type fully off the beaten track, it has its charm unchanged. Tosh’s recent success has led to the opening of multiple homes and guest houses on the checklist of each backpacker in the city. The town is 10 km long and easily accessible on foot. Your path will take you through apple groves and hashish plantations, the main source of income in this region. You should spend at least one night here to experience the coolness of the morning while enjoying the beauty of the mountains, the river, and the valley.


How to reach: It’s a busy trip between Manali and Barshaini and during the weekend’s traffic is distracting. It’s a 3 km hike, 45-50 minutes, from Tosh from here (for beginners). Barshaini also offers options for shared cabs. As soon as construction work is in progress, the 3 km stretch to Tosh from Barshaini will become motorized as well.


Malana, Himachal Pradesh


Malana is a mecca for hippies and backpackers who seek loneliness. It has been on the explorer’s and nature lover’s checklist for all the right reasons for the last few years. It is a small village in the State of Himachal Pradesh, located at 8701 ft above sea level, on a remote plateau. It provides a view of the Parvati valley and the torrential Malana river from the snow-capped mountains. Malana is, no doubt, the source of some of the finest and most expensive hashish species. This village has its own rituals and customs and firm confidence in the Jamblu Devta.


How to reach:


After a 10-hour walking from the Valley of Parvati (Manikaran) via the Rashol Pass you will reach Malana. In addition, from Nagar, you can reach Malana, which takes about two days via Chanderkhani Pass. Jari is Malana’s closest village.


Kasol, Himachal Pradesh


Kasol is just 42 kilometers off the banks of the Parvati River, and on the way to Manikaran, a famous Hindus and Sikh pilgrimage site. It is located in a classy river cafe, check out restaurants, bars, and bakeries. Take a rest in the atmosphere of the place for 2-3 days; visit nearby villages, communicate with locals and try local food. It is a lovely place for the artist to come in; just relax and allow nature to carry out their work.


Parvati Valley, Himachal 


Parvati Valley is a magnificent valley extending to the beautiful thermal springs of Manikaran and the north-northwest.  Many guesthouses and campsites and numerous food choices can be found in the area. It is also a jumping-off point for numerous treks such as Pin-Parvati and Chandrakhani Pass. Travel Tip: If you are traveling to Parvati Valley in Manali and plan a day trip, leave at 3 a.m. During weekends and holidays, the traffic is worse, so prepare.


Kheerganga, Himachal


A 14 km walk from Tosh Valley takes you to one of the most well-maintained Himalayan secrets, Kheerganga. You will cross many waterfalls and bridges that will still be graced in your memory with picturesque views. Occasionally, the enormous rush of the river shakes your spine and almost stops, but something keeps you glued to the path and helps you to reach your destination.


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