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Yoga Alliance Certified: Everything You Need to Know

Thinking about becoming a Yoga Alliance certified yoga trainer? Well, guess what? You are on the right track. However, there are some things you should know about before joining a Yoga Alliance certified teacher training course. Going through the minute details is going to serve you in the long run. Therefore, it would be wise if you read and understand the following mentioned points. Let’s roll further.

Before learning any other facts about the Yoga Alliance, it would be better if you first understand what is Yoga Alliance. Read on.

What is the Yoga Alliance?

An international non-profit organization that overlooks the international standards of yoga is what the Yoga Alliance is. Furthermore, the Yoga Alliance is based in the US.

Basically, the Yoga Alliance ensures the distribution of true yoga knowledge. Therefore, it offers certifications that ensure your knowledge is up to international standards. Furthermore, once you become its member, your name goes on the online registry of certified yoga teachers.

Is Yoga Alliance Necessary?

You must be thinking if it is all about the registry list, is the Yoga Alliance really necessary. Well, that depends. Let’s explore the two scenarios of a yoga learner.

First are those who have no interest in teaching yoga or making a career in yoga. They are free whether they need a Yoga Alliance certification. However, expert yoga masters suggest learning yoga from the Yoga Alliance certified trainers only.

The second ones are those who want to make a career in yoga. In that situation, it becomes necessary. Why? Because it proves your worth to the world. Moreover, the Yoga Alliance offers you the perfect platform to start your yoga journey.

Is Yoga Alliance Internationally Recognized?

It is one of the most asked questions and certainly, one of the most important ones. You do not want to get stuck to teaching yoga in just your locality. That you could have done without any certification. The importance comes when it is about standing out of the crowd.

So, yes, the Yoga Alliance certification is internationally recognized. Not just that, even if you move out of your nation, a Yoga Alliance certification covers you up. You don’t have to enroll in any other course when you change your locality.

Does Yoga Alliance Certification Expire?

Yes, it does.

After every three years, your Yoga Alliance certified course gets expired. Therefore, to ensure your certification does not expire, you need to enroll once again. However, there’s a catch.

To renew your certification, you have to enroll in Continuing Education and Teaching hours. This includes:

  • 45 hours of teaching
  • 30 hours of continuing education

For this Continuing Education, you pay an annual fee. Once that is done, your certification course is renewed for the next three years.

Which is the Best Certified Yoga Alliance Course?

You must be thinking about becoming a member of the Yoga Alliance. Well, for that, you have to join and complete a yoga teacher training course. In case you are not able to make up your mind which one to choose, below given are the best certified Yoga Alliance courses. Check them out.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

For people who are brand new to yoga, the 200 hour YTT course is perfect for them. From clearing yoga basics to making you familiar with the yogic terminologies, it does it all. Hence, it is a perfect certified Yoga Alliance course for beginners.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Intermediate yoga practitioners need not start from the beginning. Rather, they can join the 300 hour yoga teacher training course to continue from where they have left. It offers a gateway to complex yoga poses and other yogic techniques. Furthermore, you become a certified yoga teacher after the completion of this course.

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
The most advanced yoga course that is a combination of 200 and 300 hour YTT courses is the 500 hour YTT course. It shifts from a mere yoga practice and takes you into the spiritual realm. Hence, it offers a unique kind of approach to yoga teacher training.


Though there is plenty of knowledge available about the Yoga Alliance and its certified courses. Still, people get stuck in the wrong YTT course. So, you are advised to thoroughly research before joining any course to have a perfect yoga journey.

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