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Some family members don’t enjoy playing board games, yet those activities are a staple of family time. Since going out is now not an option, we brainstormed ways to bring the action indoors with our products.

Despite bad weather, you can still have fun as a family with these exciting X Products to play at home. All of these concepts are elementary, making them easy for people of all ages to pick up. We offer pool tables for sale so grab one for indoor fun.

These are great options when you’re short on time but want to have fun with your friends and family because you don’t have to go outside. If you’re locked indoors, like during COVID-19, and don’t feel like leaving the house, here are some X Products games you can play from the comfort of your home.


Two players, a large area, a ball, and two markers are required. Playing soccer at home is as simple as kicking a ball around, but the prospect of flying balls and shattered vases may make some people nervous. You should only make some room and remove any fragile items from the area where you will play the game.

Whether you’re using water bottles or newspapers as your place markers, get them situated at either end of the area. Teach your kids that a goal is scored when the ball crosses the line drawn by the marker. The time has come to start playing.


Bowling at home requires only a ball of sufficient weight and a pair of shoes rather than special bowling shoes and heavy bowling balls. How much water you put into your plastic bottles determines the game’s difficulty.

Make some room on the floor and arrange the bottles in a row. Set up a barrier with the bottles to keep your kids from throwing the ball too far. Like in a game of basketball, you can begin close to the bottles and work your way out to a greater distance. While the game’s enjoyment increases with the addition of more people, you can still enjoy it on your own.

Instead of rolling the bottles on the floor, you could stack them on a table and use the balls to knock them over.

Table Tennis

A lightweight ball, two boards, a table, a marker, and at least two players are required. When playing this version of table tennis, players will use boards to knock a ball across the table instead of using little rackets. You can use a tea towel scrunched along its length instead of thread and put it in the middle of any table.

So, get your “rackets” ready next. You can use carton boxes or cardboard to cut out the necessary shapes. You can use a ball made of folded-up paper, but it won’t have the same bounce as a real ball. You only need two players to have a blast!


Each participant needs a balloon, and extras should be available in case one pops, as well as two sticks or boards, two markers, and at least two people to play.

The sport of floorball, a variant of ice hockey, is played with long sticks and plastic balls with holes. You can use balloons instead of plastic balls in this variant of floorball. You can use a board or a long stick to propel the balloon if you don’t have the former, although a stick is preferable. Small children can take on the game’s dual roles of player and goalkeeper. Even mom and dad can play along.

Pool Table

Customers have praised the Pool Table’s portability, ease of assembly, and compact storage/transport size. The kit includes snooker balls, six additional yellow balls for the pool, two cues, a triangle, chalk, and a scoreboard so you can keep track of who is winning. Another well-liked indoor game that appeals to adults and kids is the football table. With the included leg levelers, you may play on the table, an elevated surface, or the floor, and the set’s red and green players are arranged in a 1-2-5-3 arrangement.

Table Tennis Table

Indoors, you and a friend can play a game of table tennis on the full-sized table. You can fold the training table to keep the bats and balls safe and secure, though some users complained that it took too long.

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