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Wix vs Shopify Which One Is the Absolute Best?

Looking for e-commerce-friendly website builders then both Shopify and Wix come to everyone’s minds in the first place. Both Wix and Shopify create a site relatively quickly and simply, that lets you sell services and products online. To help you choose between Wix and Shopify, our Shopify experts looked at crucial features that make you look at in-depth reviews of these platforms.  

Choosing which platform is better for your website depends on your business needs

1. Design

The first and foremost thing that attracts any visitors is the design of your store. Let’s get into that first. Most businesses recommend creating a store that looks great on every device. As Mobile commerce is rising, 45% of customers are using mobile phones to shop online. Both Wiz and Shopify themes are mobile responsive, so your store works on any device.  

Self-reliant designers believe that Shopify’s themes are upgraded and also cover many industries. Most themes offer multiple styling options, where you could choose the version as your brand. You could eye on various styles. You can find Shopify paid themes at $180. Choose the best design choices via paid themes, but it lacks originality. 

On the other hand, Wix provides 114 free templates. It comprised more than 800 templates, still, not all of them are for ecommerce. These themes are simple to edit, you can use them to create online stores anytime. 

Who is the winner? 

Both Wix and Shopify are tough competitors in terms of design. The simplicity in the design and templates packaged helps in doing the basics straight away.

2. Ease of Use

Wix & Shopify are built with user-friendliness to make it useful for you to use them. Wix is made for the ones who require an expertise online presence with limited design & coding skills. It provides e-commerce functionality, however, it’s not made to host the online stores. Shopify is a tool to build online stores, with features business descriptions, and blogs. 

A basic business site is simpler to build than a full-fledged online store. With an online store, you require tax calculation,  payment gateways, shipping options, cart functionality, and product variations, to operate the website. 

Who is the winner? 

Both Shopify and Wix are simple to use. Shopify is simple to use if you like to develop a full-featured online store if you are planning to scale it. Wix is simple to build a content-rich site that provides basic e-commerce functions, like payment or selling restricted items. 

3. Apps and add-ons

 Wix app store is comprised of the coolest integrations, which are not of much use to the online stores. You need to filter throughout to find useful apps. Coming Shopify is a  fantastic platform for many targeted e-commerce apps. You need more than a POS technology or domain name to develop a successful online store.  Integrate the apps in your store to develop sales through your consumers. 

Shopify’s App Store features several pricing plans to grow the store. You could also add consumer conversions, product reviews, and drop shipping. 

However, Wix stands behind Shopify for ecommerce specific apps. Hire Shopify agency if you want a customized Shopify app for your store that maximizes sales and growth. 

Who is the winner? 

Shopify surely works in the apps and Add-ons category. 

4. Payment Methods

Shopify and Wix Payments are praised by several e-merchants. Wix supports every traditional payment way, that includes Square, Stripe, and  PayPal with progressive online encryption as well as the strictest standard.

Also, Wix features “Buy now pay later” solutions to offer consumers financial freedom. With Wix, companies could pay after options to the consumers without any integration costs like this party payment gateway. Wix is a secured online payments platform with  24-hour customer support

 Shopify provides its payment solution – Shopify Payments. That helps merchants avoid transaction fees. But, Shopify charges various credit card rates for every plan through Shopify Payments. For Shopify Basic, Shopify charges $2.9 + 30 cents per transaction. However, this fee is lessened to $2.6 + 30 for the Shopify plan and $2.4 + 30 cents for Advanced Shopify.

Who is the winner? 

The ultimate winner of payment methods is Shopify.

5.  Pricing

Wix features many pricing plans to choose from that include:

  • Free 
  • $14 per month – Combo
  •  $18 per month – Unlimited
  • $23 per month – Pro
  • $39 per month – VIP

There are 4 Business & Ecommerce plans:

  • $23 per month – Basic
  • $27 per month – Unlimited
  • $49 per month – VIP
  • Custom pricing – Enterprise

Shopify offers 5 pricing plans, with 3 core plans to pick from:

  • $29 per month: Basic
  • Shopify: $79 per month: Shopify
  • $299 per month: Shopify advanced 

Shopify Plus and Shopify lite are the other two plans that take payment online for an ecommerce website. Wix’s plans offer certain limitations. For 3 business plans, you could use 25GB, 50GB, and 35GB. Opposite Wix, Shopify offers unlimited bandwidth,  storage, and website pages for each plan. Shopify offers a 14-day free trial and Wix provides a free plan to experience the platform. Hire a Shopify agency to take expert help while choosing the best Shopify Plan based on your business needs. 

Who is the winner? 

If you like to develop a ‘general’ content-based website, then Wix is better. Wix offers more affordable plans than Shopify. 

To define between Wix and Shopify, you should decide on the key ecommerce features you need. Whatever it is, Shopify has effective tools.

6. Shipping Options

Shipping is the crucial factor in the fulfillment process that is delivered to the consumers. With Wix, it can be quite inconvenient so you require shipping apps to help with the global payments for the shipping options. 

Wix even offers a detailed guide to set up the delivery, pick up, and shipping. Additionally, Wix doesn’t provide printable shipping labels while setting tax rules and tracking orders for every product.

In contrast, Shopify is there by your side in every difficult shipping cycle, right from shipping providers to free shipping. You could configure the shipping rates.

Advanced Shopify plan unlocks third-party evaluated shipping rates to show consumers current courier prices at the checkout. 

Who is the winner? 

Shopify is the winner in the Shipping options. To simply put, if you organize shipping with Shopify, you can never be left out.



Hope you found some ideas about Wix vs. Shopify. The best platform to choose between these two should be chosen by keeping your website in mind. However,  Shopify is one of the nearest e-commerce platforms ever. It’s a feature-rich, secured, and scalable online store taste fey merchants dream of.  But the biggest downside can be the expense compared to Wix, as it doesn’t offer any free plan. But, Shopify plans are worth every penny. 

Being a most popular ecommerce platform it’s a particularly fit for any business from large inventories, business to medium size companies.  Hire a Shopify Plus Agency as NOIR & BLANCO to help with the learning curve and grow your sales and business. 

Are you ready to start an online store by using Shopify? Then we got your back. We at NOIR & BLANCO, offer all-around development, from design to marketing and content production. Our Shopify experts are ready to leverage your eCommerce market, contact us now. 

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